Friday, November 21, 2008

You Get What You Pay For!

Yesterday, Kinky asked me to go online to get him a telephone number, so he could check on his order, of organic health food supplements, because it had been over a week, since he had placed his order. Then last night, Kinky called to tell me that he had just received his order! It was eight o’clock—delivered by FedEx.

This morning, Kinky invited me over for a cup of coffee and a visit. We had a good visit outside by The Friedman Family Bone Orchard, as Kinky threw—tennis balls, for Mr. Magoo to retrieve. After about fifteen minutes of tennis, we all went inside, because Kinky wanted to show me his free, new turbo blender—that came with his order.

When I saw it—I laughed out loud! “I don’t know how to use it, yet. This morning, I mixed the powder and water with a spoon. Nance, take a look at these product pamphlets” Then Kinky’s phone rang, and he went off to his office, to take the call.

I picked up the little box, from his kitchen table, and—pulled the tiny plastic blender out of the box. The box was proud of its blender, and used words like—Turbo, Tornadic Action, etc., and they even provided two free AA batteries! I started laughing, as I examined the itty-bitty plastic blade. It was half the size of a bobbie pin, and may have once been a bobbie pin! I then removed the bottom of the blender, and inserted the two batteries, and then twisted it back on. I pushed the button, and it went into turbonic action! Then I turned it off.

I was impressed with the Organic Certified, Fair Trade Omega-3 Fish Oil, imported all of the way from Norway, and when I read about the Organic Certified, Fair Trade powder, packed with twelve essential fruits and twelve vegetables—I was truly impressed with these products! Then Kinky returned to the kitchen. “What do you think, Nance?”

“Kinky—you done good,” I said. “I’ve read the labels, and you bought the best of the best! In fact, I plan to order some of this stuff, but I will tell them, to please not send me their free, amazing, eight inch tall blender.” Then I started laughing, and switched on Kinky’s high velocity, blending maniac, and then I quickly turned it off—so not to run down the batteries. Kinky started laughing, too!

“Kinky, I have ‘Jaws,’ my four-hundred and fifty dollar, Vita-Mix blender-that can cook or make ice cream, and you have this free, cute, little turbo action, powder mixin’ machine—I just love it! I think you should name it Nemo.”

Kinky picked up his little toy blender, and then switched it on—and we both burst out laughing, again! “Kink, I think we should have a Blend-Off—Jaws VS. Nemo! We could start out mixing water with food coloring, then move it up a notch, to water and powder, and then push it to water and an ice cube, etc.! I have got to bring Jaws over here, and get a picture of them side by side.”

We laughed about it, as Kinky walked me to Trigger, and then I drove home.

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Simply Cindy Lou said...

You're so funny I so missed reading your blog. Tell Kinky I love the omega 3 Fish oil I swear by that stuff. It's great for the skin, the hair and even the heart. My kids are all coming for Thanksgiving. My daughter is excited and can't wait to meet Bridgett. I think Bridgett is happy as long as there is food.