Sunday, November 9, 2008

Port-A Slumber Party!

Friday, Tone and I had to go to Kerrville to run some errands and to get some groceries. On our way back home, when we turned off of Highway 16, with just two and a half miles more to go, we started eating dust, from a tan pickup, when we reached the dirt road. “I’ll bet you five dollars, that is Leisa and Rick in front of us,” Tony remarked.

“Okay, I’ll take your bet, and since you’re driving, we don’t have to shake on this one,” I said. “I’m sure that Leisa’s truck is dark green.” Tony then slowed down Buttermilk, because we could barely see the road in front of us—because of the dust filled air. After we crossed Echo Hill’s cattle guard, we watched the tan truck turn right onto our road, and then stop at our closed gate! Then we made the turn, and then Rick jumped out of Leisa’s tan pickup—waving at us!

Tony clicked the gate opener, Leisa backed up a little, and then we followed them into the rescue ranch. Tony laughed. “You owe me five dollars!”

“No, I don’t,” I teased. “We didn’t shake on it.” And, then I laughed. Before we reached the trailer, I handed T. a personal check for five dollars—and he took it!

“Hello Cousin Nancy and Tony!” Rick said, as we all hugged and shook hands. It took less than ten minutes for them to unpack the truck—and then our weekend slumber party commenced! I wish that Kinky could have been here for it, but he was in D.C.

At four o’clock, we were in the kitchen, laughing and catching up with each other’s news, when Rick declared, “It’s party time!” He then opened the refrigerator door, and pulled out a very expensive bottle of champagne! Tony opened up a cabinet, next to the sink, and pulled out four of our finest, Wal Mart light blue glasses—that only cost a dolllar each! Rick then goes outside, and popped the cork, on our front porch—which instantly caused every dog at the rescue ranch, to start barking!

As the dogs howled outside—we settled down in Outer Space! “Rick,” I said. “I’m wondering, if anybody makes champagne in a box? This is good stuff.”

Rick laughed, as he shook his head no. We then made a toast, but I can’t remember it. We spent the entire evening laughing non-stop, because Rick is so funny, and from Ft. Worth, too! We stayed up way past Tony’s and my bedtime—but it was worth it—I’m sure I lost at least a pound from laughing!

Saturday morning, after we ate breakfast, Tony went to feed the dogs, and to help clean the dog pens with Aaron, and the three of us went back into Outer Space, and visited some more. When T. was done, he and Rick announced that they were fixing to go look for arrowheads.

Not knowing what fate was fixing to do, I said, “Tony let’s get our walkie talkies, and use them—just in case something happens.” After we turned on our walkie talkies to channel sixteen, Tony and Rick drove off in Kermit—in a cloud of caliche dust. Leisa took off to go visit our dogs, and to walk a few. I came inside, and returned a few phone calls and e-mails.

As I was putting our clothes into the dryer, the dogs outside began barking non-stop and then our dogs cranked up, too! I knew something was wrong, so I grabbed my walkie talkie, and carefully descended the front porch steps, to find Lexie running happily, from one pen to another—with Leisa chasing after her! I was skipping, as fast as I could, towards Leisa, as Lexie flew past me, in a state of glee—headed towards my dogs in the front yard! She was having fun!

When I caught up with Leisa, I was out of breath—because, that’s a long way to skip for someone that’s fifty-seven years old. “Nancy, I am so sorry,” Leisa exclaimed, all upset. “I was in her pen, and then I left it to go get a leash. When I returned to her pen, she escaped, as I was trying to put a least on her! I am so sorry. I fell terrible about this.”

“Don’t worry Leisa. I feel really terrible, too,” I said, as I gasped for air. “I’m pretty sure that I just set a new skipping record for myself! Whew! Thank goodness, I took that extra aspirin this morning.” Then I started laughing! “Leisa, please don’t feel bad, this happens, at least once a week, out here. It is no big deal. I promise. Let’s go catch Lexie!” I wheezed.

As Lexie was teasing my dogs, I said, “Leisa, please go close the front gate, it’s at the top, and I will try to go catch Lexie. Leisa jumped into her tan truck and took off for the gate, as I slowly skipped towards Lexie!

By the time I reached our front yard, Lexie had hightailed it down to the creek below us, even though I didn’t see her go there, I knew she had gone there, because all of my dogs had quieted down, because she was now out of sight. I then racewalked over to Trigger, and jumped inside and took off.

When I pulled up to our ranch gate—it was still open, and Leisa was standing on her tiptoes looking at the box, trying to figure out how to close the gate! “Leisa, Lexie has gone down to the creek! Jump in!” Leisa jumped into Trigger and we took off! “Tony, this is Nancy! Lexie got out of her pen, and Leisa and I are headed over to the creek—right now!”

“What?” Tony said. I repeated myself. “Nance, she’s gonna be fine,” Tone said. “She’ll come back. She just wants to go swimming.”

“We’re driving past the dump, right now,” I said. “I think y’all need to come over here, and help us catch her! And guess what? I just set a new skipping record for myself!”

“That’s great, Nance. Rick and I are headed y’all’s way...”

To Be Continued...

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