Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Calendars Are Nearly Sold Out!

Today has been great and exciting! This morning, while Tony, Aaron and me were eating breakfast, the phone rang, and I let the machine take the call, while I was talking to old Thunder, telling her how much I loved her. “Nancy! Nancy!” Aaron said. “You’ve got to take this call! It’s your credit card people—something about fraud—idenity theft!”

I got up from the kitchen table, just as the woman hung up. I went to the phone, and listened carefully to her message, and wrote down the 1-800 number. I then glanced at the Caller ID—and it read—Caller Unknown! Hmmm.......

After Tony and Aaron put their dishes into the kitchen sink, they went outside to go to work. I then called the 1-800 number. “Fraud Department. Please give me your credit card number. I need to know your credit card number.”

“What?” I asked, feeling that maybe a scam was going down.

“I need your credit card number, please.”

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I have no idea who you are,” I said. “I will call the phone number that is listed on my Visa bill. Goodbye.” I then opened up my Visa bill, and called the number on it. “This is Visa. How may I assist you?”

“Ma’am, this is Cousin Nancy, and I just received a phone call from y’all, I think. They said it had to do with identity fraud, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be me. When that woman asked me for my credit card number, I told her that I would call you directly.” The woman then switched me over to V.F.D.— their Visa Fraud Department.

I gave this woman my name and credit card number, then she asked me for my Social Security number, and a few other private things. “Yes, Ms. Simons, I’m sorry to tell you.There was an unauthorized purchase made yesterday on your credit card.”

“Oh my gosh!” I said, as I opened up the kitchen cabinet, and pulled out an aspirin, so not to have a heart attack! “Who is it and how much?” I was praying that they hadn’t maxed out my credit card.

“The charge was made by &^#$*^#, yesterday afternoon. The amount was for one dollar.”

“One dollar?” I asked.

“Yes. Do you want to approve that charge?”


“Okay. We will now cancel your credit card, and reissue you a new card and number...”

After working that stuff out, my sister Cindy then phoned me. I told her all about the credit card deal, and she told me that it is called phishing. “They first make a small charge, to see if you notice, and then they gradually start increasing the amount.

“Cindy,” I said. “Thank goodness it was only for a dollar. Wouldn’t it have been funny, if I had told the woman, after she told me the amount, “Oh my gosh—they’ve maxed out my credit card!” Then she and I laughed and talked about our Thanksgiving plans, and other things.

Well, I hope that y’all have a great evening—Tony and I are planning to!

P.S. Ben has just called, and I have just found out that our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch 2009 calendar, is now over three quarters sold out—I love it! I’m so proud of it! I hope that you were able to get one! I’m fixing to go to bed right now, because I’m doing Harley, in the morning, at the Rose 99.9 FM, Kerrville, Texas, at 7:45, while Kinky will be talking to Imus at 7:30! Good Night Everyone and Sweet Dreams!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Karen and I got ten of the calendars right out of the gate!