Monday, November 17, 2008

Barnes and Noble-San Pedro, San Antone!

The calendar signing at Barnes and Noble was fantastic, and a lot of fun! I wish that all of y'all could have come to it! Kinky was great and Little Jewford was hilarious, as always! Our 2009 calendar celebrating ten years of our rescue—sold like hot cakes! People kept complimenting us on how much they loved Tony's and my pictures, etc.! I loved it! And B, who adopted Betty White was there, with her mother Gloria! Betty White loves her new family and they love her so much!

Tony and I were exhausted when we returned to the rescue ranch, and we went to bed early. I apologize for not blogging last night.

P.S. We've got heat! How cool is that!


Boomer said...

cousin nancy

boomer packed his bowls and blanket and was ready to go, but i had to go mtn biking!
instead, we bought a calendar and t-shirt from kinky's site.
keep up the great work.
regards to tony and kinky.

DY_Goddess said...

The photos are awesome, look at all the people! So glad you made it there & back safely ; ))

Trisha said...

I'm so proud of you!! This is awesome. Look at all the people!!! I know someone already sadi that, but it's the first thing I said out loud. That's so great, Nance....can I call you Nance?

Anonymous said...

You Doggie disciples deserve a column in the local newspaper, for sure. All of us that couldn't make it, will be phoning in our orders. y'all looked lovely.