Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walter Becker Rules!

I have gone two days since I blogged, and I apologize, but I have been really, really busy. I have spent the last two days reducing my overwhelming pile of paperwork, caused by our Kinky event, out here on October 25th, and I have spent the rest of my time, tracking my moccasins and tote bag, that I ordered from the Southwest Indian Foundation, this past Sunday!

I had more fun tracking my moccasins, and tote, than I had sitting behind a computer. The good news is my paperwork is nearly complete, and my tote bag and moccasins arrived today! I am relieved to be so close to finishing up my paperwork, too, which should be hopefully completed by tomorrow, before our good friends, Rick and Leisa, from Port Aransas arrive for a weekend of fun! Those two are great people and we always enjoy their company.

This morning I rose at 5:00. After feeding our dogs and cat, I opened up my laptop, and went to work. At 7:45, I called Harley to talk about our dogs, on their new 99.9 signal and we had a fun time laughing and talking. As soon as I had hung up the phone, Tony walked into the trailer. “I heard you on the Rose 99.9 and you were great and you made me laugh.” Then Kinky called me from the Austin airport.

After breakfast, Tony went outside to tend to the dogs, pigs and chickens, and I went back to work typing one letter after another while listening to my iPod.

Around twelve-thirty, Tony took off with his boat, to go fishing with Aaron, since I was still busy, sitting behind my laptop, getting my thank you letters written to all of the great people who attended our super event. After typing over sixty some odd letters, signing them, sealing the envelopes, and putting the love stamps on them—I took off to Medina, so I could mail them out—to all of the people who came out to help support our rescue ranch.

When Trigger and I took off, we didn’t get very far. When we reached our gate, it wouldn’t open up all of the way, so I had to park Trigg, get out of the truck, to see what was the matter with our electric gate opener. As usual, I had no idea why it would only open up about three feet and then quit, so I removed the bottom bar, drove Trigger through it, stopped and parked, and then got out of the pickup, and manually closed the gate and went to put our lock on it—but it was gone! I ended up tying our gate closed with a dog leash. Then we went to Medina.

When we returned to the rescue ranch, our gate was open, and the leash was gone! It kinda scared me. Since I had passed the UPS truck, on the way back to the ranch, I figured that he would be showing up pretty soon, so I messed with our gate, and somehow fixed it! Then Trigger and I drove into the rescue ranch to find everyone doing fine.

I was in Outer Space reading my new Pendleton Holiday catalog, when the UPS truck showed up at our front yard gate—it was my moccasins and tote bag! I was so excited, but not for long. When I opened up my box, I opened the moccasin box first and found these tiny moccasins! I thought they had made a mistake, and they had sent me a children’s size seven—we’re talking tiny—no way!

Tony then unexpectedly walked inside the trailer. “We didn’t get to go fishing. The lake was so low—we couldn’t put the boat in it.” Just as I was trying on a moccasin. “Nance, those look like children’s shoes?”

“I know,” I said, with disappointment in my voice. Then I slipped my foot into the mocc and it fit like a glove or should I say like a shoe! I was ecstatic! “Tone, they fit perfectly!” I was so happy! I then put on the other one and then laced them up. “I love them!” Then I opened up my tote bag, and was completely delighted—it was beautiful, too!

“Nance, I am starving. Aaron and I didn’t get anything to eat for lunch.”

“Me, too,” I said. “I was going to fix us something for dinner when you got back. I’ll fix some asparagus soup.”

Then the phone rang. “Nancy,” Cindy said. “I am in Kerrville and headed your way!”

“Great!” I said. “I am fixing to make asparagus soup and you’re welcome to join us for an early dinner.”

“Great! I’ll be there in twenty-five minutes! Did you get your moccasins?”

“Yes,” I said. “I thought they were children’s shoes at first, but they fit perfectly!”

Cindy laughed. “I know, they look smaller. I can’t wait to see them!”

After the three of us ate my early delicious green soup dinner, Cindy, Tony and I went into Outer Space and had a great visit—talking mainly about mukaluks! Then Tone took off. Twenty minutes later he came back into Outer Space, and started showing Cindy and me some really cool mukaluks that he had found on the internet.

He showed us a pair, made by Native Americans in Canada, that I fell in love with—they were pink! “T. if you will buy me these, I will blog about you buying them for me!” Cindy laughed! Tony laughed! “I wear a size seven!”

Tonight, Tony, the love of my life—told me later this evening—that he had bought my pink boots for me! Tony Rocks! I love him so much! I hope y’all have a great evening, too!

P.S. I bought the new Walter Becker’s CD off of iTunes— ‘Circus Money’ and I love it—it rocks and has just been released! ‘Deacon Blue’ is playing right now on my iPod by Steely Dan! My favorite songs are ‘Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore’ and ‘ Somebody’s Saturday Night!” Kinky knows him and I wish that Walter would come out here and do a concert for us!


Boomer said...


help! unable to email you with boomer's book. err msg says [552 Message size exceeded available user storage] even for small em. something is wrong.

cousin nancy said...

Dennis, I am so glad you wrote to me! I have been trying to reach you, because for some reason—you are no longer in my ranch mailing list, and I need to send you that thank you letter, I wrote, but I don't have your address.

When I tried to e-mail you, it bounced back to me and said there was an error, too! I don't know what is going on? Please call me and I will give you another e-mail address!

Anonymous said...

I Just wanted to add that ( is a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur.

Michael said...

Hey i am a big fan of Steely Dan, but Mr Walter Becker has a new album called Circus Money, What a great album it is, just had to share that with all the Steely Dan Fans.