Sunday, November 23, 2008

And, You Do The Same!

This afternoon, Tony and I took off for Kerrville, so we could go to HEB, to buy the groceries needed for our Annual Utopia Rescue Ranch Dog's Thanksgiving Dinner! When we arrived at HEB, we both grabbed shopping carts, and then I led the way into the store.

Tony followed me around the store, as we filled up our carts with 'real people food.' It took us over thirty minutes to complete our grocery list! After checking it twice—we went to check out our dog's groceries. As the young woman began checking us out, she said, "Looks like y'all will be cooking for a lot of people on Thanksgiving Day."

Tony and I chuckled. "A lot of dogs," Tony said. "We're cooking this food for our dogs."

The woman said, "What? How many dogs do y'all have?"

Tony and I smiled at each other, because this is always happening to us, when we buy hot dogs, in large quanity, for our dogs. For shock value, Tony said, "Forty-three right now— and that's not counting our six inside dogs." Then he and I started laughing.

"You have forty-nine dogs?"

Enough was enough. "We run the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, in Medina," I explained. " Along with Kinky Friedman. Every year, we cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for our dogs, and we serve them warm."

"How cool!" Carrie said. "Wow! I love it! I have two dogs! Are you Cousin Nancy?"

"Yes, and this is my husband, Tony. He is the ranch manager, and he actually takes care of all of our dogs." I said.

"Wow! I've heard you on Harley's radio show!" Then there was a pause. "That will be one hundred and twenty-eight dollars and twenty-three cents."

Tony pulled out a ranch check and filled in the amount.
We bought:
6 - HEB Mixed Vegetable Bags at 3.19 each = $19.14
6 - Pepperidge Farm Seasoned Stuffing at 2.69 each = $16.14
10 - HEB 85% Ground Turkey at 1.49 each = $14.90
5 - HEB 93% Ground Turkey at 2.49 each = $12.45
2 - Giant HEB Extra Light Olive Oil at 14.47 = $28.94
2 - 32 oz. jars of Minced Garlic at 4.99 = 9.98
2 - Large bags of shredded Cheddar Cheese at 8.99 = $17.98
2 - 36 count of Large Eggs at 4.35 = $8.70
Total Amount: $128.23

"Have a Happy Thanksgiving!"

"We will," Tony and I said. "And, you do the same."


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & Tony & all the critters! I hope to see that Kinky fellow in Houston on Saturday - sure wish you'd come with him!


Anonymous said...

Yes, please come to Houston!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Shirley and Anony! Shirley, I told Kinky that you would be coming to Murder By The Book, so he will be looking for you! Shirley and Anony, thank y'all for wanting me to go to Houston. I wish that I could, but after my two last driving adventures—I'm staying here.

P.S Shirley could you get me a copy of your book and sign it...and give it to Kinky at the Calendar signing? If you can, please drop me an e and I will send you a check immediately!

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!