Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tres Amigos!

This morning I overslept! My dogs woke me up at 7:45! Knowing that Drew and Renee, Cindy and Maribeth were coming out for a picnic, in Outer Space, to celebrate Tony’s August 6th birthday, Drew’s birthday today, and Maribeth’s birthday tomorrow—I quickly fed the dogs and cat, vacuumed the trailer, dusted a little, and then I returned phone calls, e-mails and caught up on some paperwork! By ten-thirty the trailer looked clean enough, the paperwork was caught up and all correspondence done—I was ready for the birthdays party!

Maribeth showed up first. Cindy second, and then Renee and Drew! Everyone loved the Space Ship and thought it looked beautiful! And, they loved the little boxes of fine wine, that Jon and Sandy had given to us, for a Space Ship warming gift!

After showing everyone around the Space Ship we went into Outer Space! Drew and Renee brought everyone’s lunch, packed inside in their picnic basket, a birthday cake for Tony, along with a giant talking Tweetie Bird balloon for Maribeth—that sang Happy Birthday to You!

The ‘tres amigos birthday’ party had commenced! Renee’s sandwiches were absolutely delicious. After lunch it was time to ignite the birthday cake. I went inside the trailer, found some matches, and then reentered Outer Space. No one wanted to light the candles on the cake, so I reluctantly volunteered for the job.

I pulled out a match, struck it—one, two, three matches later—I struck out—no lit candles! The crowd grew quiet, and I went back to the bench. Tony then stepped up to the plate, which was sitting on top of the green bar stool, in the middle of Outer Space. Strike one! Strike two! Cindy then jumped out of her chair, and she quickly cupped her hands around the two wannabe burning candles—numbers 5 and 4. She gave Tony a positive nod. Tony then leaned into the plate, struck a match and it was a home run! The number 5 and the number 4 candles were burning!

“Quick Tony,” Renee suggested. “Make a wish and blow them out before they go out!” But it was too late. By the time Tony had made his wish, the number 5 candle was out, so he jumped up to the plate and blew the number 4 candle out, and then we all sang, “Happy Birthday to Drew, Happy Birthday to Tony, Happy Birthday, dear Maribeth. Happy Birthday to y’all!” Then we all clapped our hands.

“Tony, I sure hope your wish was big,” I said. “Because, you know, only half of it is going to come true.”

Then it was time to cut the cake, but there was no knife. I went back into the trailer, grabbed my big bread cutting knife and a spatula because I do not own a cake serving knife—I never bake cakes.

When I returned to Outer Space, no one offered to cut the cake, so I reluctantly volunteered again, because I am not good with knives or cutting cakes.

That knife was so big, it reminded me of the swords used in the “Star Wars” movies, but it didn’t light up. When I walked up to the plate, everyone held their breaths as I made a clean cut. Then I sliced the cake again. Renee came up with her plate, and I awkwardly dropped her slice onto her plate. Everyone laughed. Fortunately, everyone was served, without one piece of cake—kissing the floor! Renee’s cake was delicious!

It was a really fun birthdays party, filled with non-stop laughter. I wish that Kinky could have been here for it. I love my friends so much!

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