Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Tired Of This!

Yesterday, Tony and I were over at the Lodge, and I challenged Kinky to a game of pool. And, it was a short one. The Hummingbird Man—1 Cousin Nancy—0! It didn’t bother me—I always lose.

Kinky then challenged Tony to a game. And, it was a short one, too. The Medina Bulldog—1. The Hummingbird Man—0! I love it! The Medina Bulldog rules!

Yesterday afternoon, I showed Ben the Vita-Mix video and their cook book. After looking at the recipe book, Ben and I decided to try their recipe for blueberry ice cream, which only takes two minutes to make. We used organic blueberries, organic sugar, organic vanilla extract and organic 2% milk! In less than two minutes, we were eating the best ice cream on this planet! It blew Ben away—he's going to buy one!

This morning, Kinky called and he left this message on our machine, “Nance, I’ve got a flat tire on the Navigator. Could you please find Ben, and bring him over here, to help me change it, before it gets too hot? Brian Kanof is here, and he said he would help, too. Call me, please. Thank you, very much.”

In ten minutes, Ben, Tony and I were over at the Lodge. Brian and Kinky were outside staring at the dead, deflated tire. “Kinky’s jack is broken,” Brian stated. “Do y’all have one?”

“Yes,” Ben said, as he pulled the jack out of the back of Trigger. It took Ben less than five minutes to remove the airless tire, and replace it with a donut! Mission accomplished. Before leaving the Lodge, Tony and I volunteered to take Kinky’s tire to Kerrville with us, to get it fixed at WalMart—while we shopped.

After we had dropped the tire off at WalMart’s Tire department, we pulled out our cell phones and turned them on, so that we could call each other, after we were through shopping—so we could meet up. Then we grabbed our carts, and took off in different directions.

I filled my cart up with charmingly cheap stuff for The Space Ship, which will soon be completely solar and off the grid! I piled these items into my basket: a complete service for four blue stoneware dishes (made in China—that were on sale for only $9.00—which I'll now refer to as—my fine china), flatware, that left me flat, an olive green Coleman camp stove, which doesn’t go with my color scheme at all, two solar lanterns, blue-striped dish towels, blue cloth napkins, an enameled blue camp coffee pot, blue pot holders, blue can opener, off white dish drainer, a pack of two dark green propane bottles, and four cobalt blue drinking glasses, a small wooden cutting board and a box of my favorite wine—Chillable Red! I then called Tony to tell him that I was done shopping, so we met up at the checkout counter, to check out our many priceless treasures!

After we loaded up the back end of Trigger, Tony went back inside the store to get Kinky’s tire. I didn’t go, because I was too tired. As Tony was putting the tire into to the back of the truck, I phoned Kinky and got his machine. “Kinky, we got your tire fixed. It only cost nine dollars and fifty cents.”

“It cost fifty dollars!” Tony said.

“What? Fifty dollars?” I asked, in shock! "Oh my gosh!"

Tony started laughing. “I’m just kidding you, Nance.” Then he started laughing, again.

“Tony was kidding me,” I said to Kinky’s answering machine. “It’s only nine dollars and fifty cents.” Then I hung up.

We then went to Home Depot, so I could charge some lumber and nails to my account—for the Space Ship. Then we came home.

After unpacking Trigger, we drove over to the Lodge, and the three of us watched, as Ben tirelessly replaced the donut tire with Kinky’s now air-filled tire. Kinky then invited us in for a visit, but we declined, because we were too tired.

P.S. Tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot, I plan to start renovating my Space Ship! I know how to use our chop saw and nail gun, and I can't wait! I will write more, tomorrow—I'm too tired to blog one more word.


Woody said...

So Nancy, why is it that when Kinky gets a flat tire he has someone named Brian help him change it and his jack is missing or broken?!? It's like deja vu all over again... ;-)

cousin nancy said...

Hi Woody! Wow! You've got a point. I know for a fact, that every time that Brian has come out for a visit, he has changed tires, two or three tires for Kinky, and yes, the jack was missing or broken, each time. And yesterday, when the other Brian, was out here for a visit—Kinky had another flat tire! You're right Woody—it is like deja vu time, all over again. Hmmmm......

Well, I just wrote down these words: Brian tire—to see if there was any kind of connection. And, I think I have solved the mystery. If you mix up the letters in Brian—you get brain—as in tire brain! It's a no-brainer....cousin nancy

FlowerChildToday said...

Hi Nancy!!
Wow, this is so exciting!! I'm really looking forward to seeing the space ship all done up!!! You're a wonderful decorator!! In fact, we just moved so I could use some tips up here in my room...I need some expansion going on to get what I want out of it...haha My new room is too small for my bedroom furniture!! I might do a " Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme if possible..It would be really cute...Sending my best to you and Tony!!