Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Raining! It's Pouring!

Tony and I had a blast last night, watching the movie, “Palo Pinto Gold!” It was a really good Western and Kinky did a great job playing his role as the Governor of Texas—it was like he wasn’t even acting! Tony and I both give it a two thumbs up! Since Kinky gave Jon and Sandy the movie, I don’t know if it is available now or what. I bet if you go to: you can find out.

This morning, I made my new tomato juice recipe for breakfast! I loved it, as did Tony, Aaron, and Maribeth! They gave it a six thumbs up—even though it was greenish colored, due to the spinach and lettuce, that I added. That Vita-Mix machine is really something else!

After breakfast, I reupholstered cushions for the Space Ship, and repainted my logo for the new look to match the quilt. Here are the latest pictures of Outer Space: And, please note that the countertop is now tiled and grouted!

We had a few visitors out today, but because of the numerous thunderstorms—things were pretty quiet around here. Sorry, not much happening today. I need to go now, because it is starting to thunder again and I need to unplug everything!

P.S. I took this picture at 5:00, and the Four O’Clocks, that Kinky gave to me, from The Friedman Family Bone Orchard, have just opened up! They must be on East Coast time—like Kinky is.

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Simply Cindy Lou said...

What! I thought Kinky was Governor!
Rick Perry is an imposter.