Monday, August 25, 2008

Retro-Chic! I Love It!

Today Aaron helped tile the kitchen counter, and I can’t wait to grout it and then put in the sink!

Around 3:45, Sandy Wolfmueller called to ask if she and Jon could come out! She said, they were in San Antonio, and she wanted Jon to see my Space Ship, go into Outer Space with us—and they also had a Space Ship warming gift for us! I told her to come on out! I love those two!

Thirty minutes later—my Spirit mattress arrived, along with the quilt, pillow shams and matching doggie bed! I love the pink mattress with white clouds, and the quilt so much, I came inside and immediately ordered another quilt, so I can use the fabric to make a cushion in the ‘big room’ of the Space Ship! I love the fabric! It’s called Retro-Chic and the color is neutral!

When Sandy and Jon arrived, we went immediately to the Space Ship! So much more had been done to it since Sandy’s last visit with her brother. Sandy and Jon loved it! They were very impressed with it! I can’t wait for Kinky to see it next week, when he returns from the East Coast Tour.

Before taking Sandy and Jon into Outer Space, Jon went to their truck and they followed us into Outer Space carrying a shopping bag. After entering Outer Space, they gave us their Space Ship warming gift—two small boxes of fine wine—from Target, and they are stackable, and each box is the equivalent of two bottles of fine wine! They are called Wine Cubes, and the fine wines they gave to us are ‘2007 Pinot Grigio’ and ‘2006 Merlot’—both good years—from California! Definitely a perfect gift! Thank you Sandy and Jon!

We had a blast in Outer Space! We talked about everything and laughed a lot. Jon was real interested in our solar lights, and I am pretty sure that their beautiful outdoor patio will soon be lit up with solar lights, with their iPods playing their music—from a new Bose iDock.

This has been one great day and I hope that yours has been as great or better!

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