Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Spirit Mattress!

This has been a “too many weekend.” Too many visitors, too many phone calls, too many e-mails, too many things to do. I know that we all have them, but I am blaming mine on ‘full moon time’ or that eclipse. All in all, it has been a good weekend—just too manys— ‘I’ve had to do.’

Yesterday, we had many visitors, but no adoptions. At three o’clock, after we closed the gates to the rescue ranch, I went—online to shop for the Space Ship. I first went to Cabellas to look for an air bed. I found one for $49.00. When I put it in my cart, there was a notice posted. If I would spend $150.00, I would get free shipping. I went all over their bedding department. They had some great quilts, etc. but the ones I liked were way too expensive for me, or they were camo designs—sorry, no hunting here. Not wanting to pay shipping on the heavy air bed, I decided to check out J.C. Penney’s online to shop.

Two hours later, I purchased a quilt with a matching doggie bed, two pillow shams, sheets (that were on sale) and a real mattress, that is pink with white clouds, which J.C. called—the ‘Spirit Mattress.’ I thought the name was odd, but I went ahead and ordered a double sized one for the Space Ship.

When I told Tony about buying my pretty pink ‘Spirit Mattress’ he laughed out loud. “Nance, you are the only person on this planet, that could find a pink ‘spirit mattress’, with white clouds. I want to know, is it a spiritual mattress or does it come with ghosts?”

Later that evening, after being in Outer Space with Tony, I decided that I needed to design a logo, of sorts, for my Space Ship. I went outside, grabbed a board, and brought it inside the trailer. I grabbed my paints and went to work, and that is why I didn’t post a blog last night. I was on a Space mission.

By ten-thirty, I had designed and hand painted my official signature logo for my Space Ship! Here is a picture of it! I’m hanging it above the kitchen sink. I love it! Not great artwork, but it works for me.

Today, Tony and I took off for Kerrville to pick up a dog, buy some more boards, and to eat breakfast. We went to Randy and Lisa’s Save Inn Restaurant, and had a great breakfast. Then we ventured over to Wal Mart to buy some canned dog food, because we were nearly out!

Lucky for us, Wal Mart was fixing to put up there Christmas decorations, and they had all of their ‘End of Summer’ stuff on sale! Their organic dirt was on sale, half price, so Tony took advantage of the sale and bought forty dollars of dirt, for next year’s garden. He was so excited—it was organic and dirt cheap! I’m sorry, but paying for dirt, is weirder—than buying a pink ‘Spirit’ mattress—even if it comes with ghosts.

When we arrived back at the rescue ranch, Tony went outside to the Space Ship, to put the rest of the flooring boards down. I wanted to help him, but since he was playing his music on his iPod Bose iDock, I declined, because—my music is better!

An hour later, I went outside to check on Tony and the Space Ship. The flooring was complete and it looked awesome. I then asked him to show me how to put the magnets on the cabinet doors, to keep them closed. That was a hoot!

Since Ben had nailed the cabintets shut for Cindy’s visit, we first had to pull all of the nails out. Then he and I, one by one, installed the cabinet magnets. There was a lot of dropped screws and realigning of the magnets. I am proud to say, the Space Ship is now nearing completion and ready for take off! It requires only two to three more hours of work! And, I guarantee that it will knock your socks off! I cannot wait for Kinky to see it!

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DY_Goddess said...

Oh! Nancy, I love your new logo! The contrast and the stars showing through the blue... I love it!

It's coming together so beautifully with all your hard work, can't wait to see the finished product!