Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Here's To You, Mrs. Simons!

This morning, I woke up in a fine mood, surrounded in bed, with my six dogs and Lucky, the cat! Who could ask for more? I was surrounded with love, so I just stayed in bed, enjoying the moment, until Mama, my faithful, rescued Great Pyrenees, jumped up, barking, as she pounced on my stomach, before leaping off of the bed—followed by everyone else, except the cat!

I quickly got out of bed, and went to the front door, to let them out. As soon as I opened the door, the dogs rushed outside barking, and I knew exactly what it was, without having to step out onto the porch—skunk. Ah, that recognizable ‘Eau de Toilet smell,’ so unique, filled the air, but there was no skunk in sight or to be found. The dogs were disappointed. I was disappointed, as I closed the door, now wearing a frown.

Trying to blow it off, I grabbed my organic spray bottle of orange scent, and squirted it above my head. The air immediately smelled of fresh squeezed oranges, and I inhaled. Yes, I inhaled to get that foul odor out of my nose and it worked—thank goodness!

As I filled the dogs and Lucky’s dishes with food, I wondered if the skunk was an omen or a sign for how my day was going to be. After getting the pets fed, I did my other morning chores. Then Tony came home and then Kinky called.

I pulled out the Vita-mix machine and quickly filled it with, organic pomegranate juice, soy milk, flaxseed, soy protein powder, an apple, orange, banana, blueberries, bell pepper, ginger, carrots, cantaloupe, avocado, organic maple syrup from Canada and ice cubes. I then flipped the switch, and in four seconds, breakfast was nearly ready.

Then I grabbed a couple of eggs from the fridge, an onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, jalapeno and garlic and some sharp organic cheddar cheese and made Tony an organic omelet. I took one of his heirloom organic tomatoes and sliced it up, and placed them on his plate, beside the omelet. “Breakfast is ready!” I announced. Tony and the dogs came running!

Following breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen and Tony went outside to work. After taking care of some paperwork and phone calls, I decided to track my Spirit mattress and the bedding that I had ordered from J.C. Penneys. Since I placed that order on Sunday, I was hoping that it might arrive today, because I can’t wait! So, I went online to get my purchase order and then I called their customer service number.

I was very impressed with how nice, friendly and efficient there customer service was—I was actually talking to a representative in less than fifteen seconds! “Let’s see, Mrs. Simons. Your order has been picked up by the trucking company and you should be receiving it within the next seven to ten days.”

My spirit instantly sank. I wanted my Spirit mattress! But, I did the right thing. I didn’t complain and I thanked the woman for her help, before hanging up the phone. Then I fell apart—not really. I’m just kidding.

I decided to not let it get me down, so I turned on my iPod, found the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and clicked play. It worked! I was happy! Thank you Bobby McFerrin!

I am determined to have a great day no matter what! “I will survive!” just like Donna Summers is now singing! Gotta go, someone is driving in!


Simply Cindy Lou said...

I use music to lift my spirits too!
Then I pull out my paints and paint away. You have to see the painting I did last night. It was a work of love. Check out my blog I posted it there. Maybe I need to paint you something for your space ship. What is the theme?

Judy Green said...

You're so right, Nancy.....there's nothing better than waking up with your best friend - in my case, it's my sweet little dog, Star.

You're sure making me want to get a Vita-Mix...that breakfast omelet sounded scrumptous, not to mention all the healthy smoothie combinations.

Hope you have a great day...