Friday, August 8, 2008

Ghost Dog Returns!

Today was an uneventful day, until around six o’clock, when Carl and Debbie Naylor arrived! Carl is the incredibly, talented and often hilarious auctioneer, who does the auctioneering for us, at our Bonefits, to help raise money for the rescue ranch. As Kinky often says, “Carl Naylor is the best auctioneer in Texas!” And, everyone at the rescue ranch agrees with Kinky’s assessment of Carl. He’s simply the best! We are so lucky!

As soon as Debbie and Carl got out of their car, we shook hands and then hugged, then Carl says, “Nancy, we read your blog everyday. I wanted to show Debbie the rescue ranch, and we also want to see the Space Ship, and go into Outer Space with y’all. Will that be okay, with you guys?”

“Sounds great to me,” I said. “Why don’t y’all follow me over to the launch pad over there, and we’ll show y’all the Space Ship, first. I am really proud of it.” They followed.

When we reached the Space Ship, I invited them inside. Debbie and Carl were shocked at what they saw! “This is absolutely beautiful inside,” Carl remarked. “Debbie, don’t you love the wood?”

Debbie nodded with enthusiasm. “Carl and I have been wanting to find an older recreational vehicle to fix up. Carl we need to look harder, when we get home—I want one just like this.”

We visited for a few minutes inside the Space Ship, and then Tony and I took them into Outer Space with us. They have never been in Outer Space before, and they were blown away when they sat down, and saw the view! Not to brag, but everyone who has gone into Outer Space with us, has had the same reaction, when they see our beautiful view. I just love it!

We hung out in Outer Space, for a while, and it was a blast! If Carl wasn’t making us laugh with one of his stories—Debbie was! When they told us about their two aged Schnauzers, my back started hurting from laughing so hard. Here is my Reader’s Digest version:

Their Schnauzers were both rescues. One claims Debbie and the older blind one, claims Carl. Carl told us that whenever he tries to give a kiss to Debbie, her Schnauzer starts growling at him to quit. Then when Carl’s Schnauzer hears Debbie’s dog growling, he then runs into the room and starts barking wildly at Debbie’s growling dog. “It’s a shame,” Carl said. “We have to sneak around, so I can kiss my wife.”

“Maybe,” I suggested. “Y’all need to think about meeting somewhere in town, once a week.” Everyone laughed.

Tony and I had so much fun in Outer Space with Debbie and Carl, I was sad when we left it. Tony invited Carl to go with him to feed and water the cows, so they left. Debbie wanted a tour of the rescue ranch, so I gave her a tour—starting with my writing cabin. She loved my carved wooden bear, that I bought in Ruidosa, New Mexico!

Now this story gets weird. As soon as Debbie and I had completed the tour, a big white Ford pulls into the rescue ranch. “That must be the guys,” I said, as I looked towards the truck.” I was wrong, it wasn’t Carl and Tony.

It was Lorri from Dallas! She was returning her friend’s dog—Nash aka Ghost Dog! Earlier this week, Malea had sent me an e-mail—Nash was not working out, and she wanted to return him to us. Her friend, Lorri, who was coming down, for a visit to see Carol, our super volunteer, asked if it would be okay for Lorri to bring him down. Of course, I said yes. So, Lorri gets Nash out of her truck, and then she gives me Nash’s leash, and then she gave me a great report about how well Sierra, the dog that she adopted from us, was doing. Then she leaves the ranch to go see Carol.

Ghost Dog, seemed fine about returning to us, but I had to wait for Tony and Carl to get back, so Tony could put Ghost Dog in a pen. Now it gets weirder!

Back in March, before we had captured Ghost Dog, after he had escaped from his pen, Kinky had called to tell me that Carl and Steven Fromholz were coming down for a visit, and he thought it would be a great idea, if Carl, Steven, Angie, Steven’s sister, Tony, him and me try to catch Ghost Dog, because he was so worried about him running loose on the ranch.

I told Kinky absolutely no way, because Ghost Dog would be scared to death, watching six senior citizens, falling down and running around, chasing after him—that we would never be able to catch him. Kinky took my advice.

So now, Tony and Carl drive up to see Debbie and me, standing by the pig pen, with Ghost Dog. Carl remembered Ghost Dog! “That’s the dog that Kinky wanted all of us to catch!” Carl said.

Ghost Dog, seemed a little timid with Carl and Tony, so I led him into the alley pen, that Tony had chosen—the one right next to Alfie, whose roommate, Red Sky, had been adopted out. “We’ll keep Ghost Dog in here for a few days, and then I’ll move him into Alfie’s pen,” Tony said.

After that was done, we visited with Debbie and Carl some more, near my writing cabin, until they needed to leave.

As soon as they had left, Tony took Kermit, and went to close our gate. Then he went out to our organic heirloom garden, to water the plants. He just walked in with our first zucchini! It is (h)uge! (I thought you might like that (H)erb—’Erb.) Here is a picture of it with Willie Nelson! We’re talkin’ Texas sized Zucchini! And, I am bragging! We will be eating on it for several days!

P.S. Congratulations go out to Debbie Naylor for winning the “Teacher of the Year” award at her school this year! It is not a surprise to me—Debbie Naylor Rocks! Y’all have a great evening!


DY_Goddess said...

Happy Friday to you all.

Nancy, I Mapquested the driving directions from my door to Outer Space and it would take me an Estimated Time: 27.0 hours 56 minutes with an Estimated Distance: 1756.15 miles. I thought it would be cool to see how far we live apart.
The reason I am so interested is because I just bought that Cowboys & Indians magazine on my way home! I also made delicious Italian stuffed zucchini with rice & tomatoes for dinner tonight! (insert Twilight Zone theme..)
Damn! I remember when Ghost dog appeared, disappeared, appeared, disappeared and then finally appeared for good at the Ranch.
I feel sad when dogs come back, only because I want them to find their forever home & settle their bones into a nice home for the rest of their lives.
That's only cuz I like my bones settled into a nice home for the rest of my life & dogs are people too ; ))
Well, I'm glad Kris came back to you at the Ranch because he just was meant to be with me. We're so glad he's in our family now, it will be 2 years already in January! He's absolutely the most handsome dog around and we just love him to bits.
Here's some recent photos of him with my youngest daughter, they are really close. He sleeps on her bed when she's at school and isn't very far away from her when she's at home.

Hope everyone has a super weekend, the summer seems to be slipping by very quickly.

F. xo

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! That is pretty weird about buying that same magazine and having stuffed Italian zucchini for dinner, too. That is too cool about finding out exactly how far your front door is to the Space Ship's front door. Things like that are important to know! I wonder who is the farthest away from the rescue ranch. I would love to know.

Thanks for writing. I am going to check out your latest picts of Kris Kristofferson aka Prince—now!

Love to you and your family, Nancy