Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Three Four-Leggers!

Yesterday when I blogged I forgot to tell you what I fixed for Tony's and my lunch. I fixed that Julie Child recipe Chicken With Mushroom in Cream sauce, which is by far our favorite chicken dish. We love it, because it's absolutely delicious and it is so easy to cook.

Last week when Lisa told me that she had finally cooked Julia's recipe and she and all of their guests had raved about how delicious it was, she admitted that she served it over pasta. So yesterday when I cooked it I decided to serve it over pasta, too with sliced tomatoes, from his organic garden, and peas. And I took this picture of Tony's plate before I let him enjoy his favorite meal.

Today has been great. Early this afternoon Tony and I loaded up Jack, who arrived yesterday afternoon while Shelly & Stuart and I were busy walking Thumper and Butterball, down to the creek.
Anyway, we took him to our friend's home, in Medina, to see if Jack would fit in with his new family.

When we arrived Clare and her two dogs came out of their home to greet us, but when they saw Jack, Lady B., the adorable Chihuahua started barking non-stop, from inside the fenced front yard. Buster, the elder, rescued mutt looked at Jack and he didn't seem to care one way or the other about Jack.

So Clare and I decided to take Buster and Jack for a walk around the block and the two male dogs got along beautifully. So when we returned, we asked Tony to please leash us little Lady B. and take her for a walk with us.

And the good news is Lady B. was a perfect little lady once outside her territory and before we had reached the end of the block to take a right—she and Jack were already the best of friends. So, when we came back to the front yard, we took all three, still on leashes, for a walk around their house. And nothing happened.

So, before we removed their leashes I asked Clare and Tony to let me take a couple of pictures of Jack with his new loving family. But because Clare is self-conscience about getting her picture taken, I purposefully aimed my camera down on the three four-leggers and on Tony's boots and Clares shoes. Jack is the one that's mostly white.

The phone rang just a minute ago and it was Clare. "Nancy, I wanted to let you know that I just fed all of the dogs and I put their pans in different areas of the kitchen, like I've done in the past and all three ate their dinners and no one tried to go eat the other one's food."

"On this is great news, Clare! I love it."

"I know. And I wanted to also tell you that we had to go to Kerrville earlier, to get some groceries and when we got back home—they were all sleeping on the couch and on the chairs and all was well. Jack is a great little dog and we love him...."

And that is about it for tonight, because Tony wants to show me something outside and I think it is a beautiful spider that he's been photographing. 

So tomorrow night I will share the hilarious dining experience we had today, at a purposefully unnamed, popular restaurant, in Kerrville. That involves two, older women, about my age, whose faces were so tight from all of the work they've had done they looked like Bob, the alien. They were sitting at the table next to ours, trying unbelievably hard to one-up each other's jewelry, cars, vacations, exclusive camps they had attended, universities they had attended, their degrees, etc. 

It was so hard for Tony and me trying not to laugh out-loud at their non-stop, ridiculous bragging, while we tried to enjoy eating our late lunch.

And I promise to draw a sketch of our seating arrangement. Seriously, Tony and I cannot quit laughing about them and we really felt so sorry for that poor gentleman (probably one of their unfortunate husbands) that had to sit with them and listen to all of their nonsense. 

Y'all take care and keep on laughing! or Go eat where we ate today!  

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