Saturday, August 27, 2016

I've Got A Secret!

Today has been great and so was yesterday. Last night, before watching more Northern Exposure episodes, I watched this amazing, historic video that my dear friend Mari had e-mailed to me and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

"In 1956, CBS aired a game show called I’ve Got a Secret, featuring a panel of four celebrities—radio and TV personality Bill Cullen, actress Jayne Meadows, comedian Henry Morgan, and actress Lucille Ball—who had to guess a contestant’s secret. In this clip from ’56, host Garry Moore brings an elderly man, Samuel James Seymour, to the stage, bearing an astonishing secret: that he’d been at Ford’s Theater the night President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. The show aired just two months before Seymour’s death." So please click here to watch it. 

After watching this, I e-mailed Mari back to thank her for sending it to me and I also wrote:

"...In '56 I was 5 years old and I probably actually watched this very show, because our family never missed watching this show. We loved "I've Got A Secret" and it was a weekly family affair. It was also fun to see all of those old familiar faces.

And I had to laugh out loud when instead of giving Sam a carton of Winston cigarettes as a prize, they gave Sam a can of Prince Albert to smoke, in his pipe. LOL, talk about not being politically correct! Life was so simple back then and those were the days when people were truly happy, talked and laughed (and smoked) together. I believe they called it actually communicating with one another. Those were the good old days and I sure do miss them...."

For the past few days I've been taking several pictures of Henry Standing Bear with his two, security blankets, because he's been either playing with them or tearing them up or snoozing with them. So here is Henry's latest update.(Fay, please let me know if his twin sister does this, too.)

Like I said earlier, "Today has been great," because "Butterball" got adopted. Sadly, last week, a dear friend of ours who had adopted Buttercup and Blue from us, several years ago, had to return Buttercup and Blue. She was heartbroken to have to bring them back to us, but because of some unfortunate circumstances, in her life, it was her only option.

Tony put Blue and Buttercup in the same pen and they quickly readjusted to their new digs. And because of the rainy weather we've been having recently, I have waited to take pictures of these two great dogs and post them.

Anyway, this morning this super, nice couple and their older rescued dog, Thumper, came out to our rescue ranch to hopefully let Thumper pick his new running buddy. The choices were narrowed down to Hazel, Walter Cronkite and Buttercup. 

Buttercup was the last one that I introduced the couple to and they especially liked her, so when they asked me her name for some reason I said, "This is Butterball!" Tony, Shelly and Stuart chuckled.

Then Tony, who was sitting in Kermit, says, "Nance, her real name is Buttercup. Not Butterball. Don't you remember?" Then we all laughed.

Then the couple told us, "We like the name Butterball better. It fits her. She looks like a butterball." And Tony and I had to agree with them, because let's just say that Ms. Butterball needs to shed more than a few extra pounds.

As these nice people and Thumper went back to their pickup, so they could drive outside of the rescue ranch, Tony put a leash on Butterball for me, so all of us could introduce them outside of the rescue ranch.

Butterball and I got outside the gate first and soon after they arrived. So over the river and through the woods we walked with these two, happy-go-lucky dogs that seemed to hit if off from the git-go. And by the time that we had returned to their pickup—Shelly, Stuart and Thumper all wanted to adopt Butterball.

Before they signed off on Butterball's adoption contract they loaded up Thumper and Butterball into the backseat of their big truck and drove up to The Cabin. And right before we adios-ed each other, I asked them if I could take a quick picture of Butterball's adoption for my Blog. 

I quickly took three snapshots of them, sharing the backseat and sadly this is not a great photo of either of them, but it is the best one out of the bunch. Butterball is the cream-colored one laying down, on the backseat. 

Right after we adios-ed each other, Tony and I came back up, to The Cabin, so we could let our dear friend know that her beloved Buttercup had been adopted and that she had found herself a fabulous forever home. And the good news is that our friend was thrilled about the adoption and she thanked us and told us that she was working on some friends who are seriously thinking about adopting Blue.

Tonight, Little Debbie, Big Al(ice), Roy, Belle, Beau, Henry Standing Bear and I plan to re-watch this old Western, that was made in 1938, that a good friend gave to us last week. Our friend told me that she loved the movie and after I watched it, last week, so do I.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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