Monday, August 29, 2016

And May The Best Woman Win! or Toyota!

Okay, last night, after I posted on my blog, I went outside with Tony, so he could "show me something."

We jumped into Kermit and took off. Tony stopped Kermit at Dodie's pen and we got out. "We'll, do you see it?" Tony asked. I looked around, but I didn't see it. So Tony walked over to the pen and pointed at it. And as I grabbed my camera I still wasn't sure that I really wanted to get that close to it.
"Don't be scared, Nance. It's just a Banana Spider and I promise that it won't jump on you. So I quickly took this picture of it before Tony drove us back up to The Cabin.

As we pulled up in Kermit, I saw Belle looking at us, from the porch and I thought to myself, "Now, this would make a great picture. So I took this picture of sweet Belle.

Yesterday, I promised to tell you more about Tony's and my hilarious lunch and I basically told you just about everything, but below is a color coded chart, that I've just drawn, of our seating arrangement. And please note that the women and I are circled in pink.

And their conversation went something like this:
4. "Oh, I just love that silver necklace that you're wearing."
5. "Thank you. I love it, too. It's from James Avery. Daddy had it especially made for me."
4. "I love my all of my James Avery jewelry, too. In fact, this silver, diamond necklace I'm wearing is from James Avery. It was custom made using Harold's mother's diamond wedding ring."
5. "Well, last year, sweet Gary surprised our daughters and me, at Christmas, by giving all three of us matching diamond rings."
4. "How sweet. The diamond on my necklace is one carat."
5. "Our three diamond rings are all 1.25 carats."......(Then Tony and I were served our delicious grilled trout dinners.

Later on, this topic almost made us laugh out loud.
4. "I just bought myself a new car."
5. "That's nice. What kind did you buy?"
4. "A Toyota of course."
5. "All four of us drive Toyotas. What model is yours?"
4. "A Corolla."
5. "Oh, we all drive Camry's." (By now, I can't even look at Tony, without shaking in my chair, because I was trying so hard not to laugh.)

And here is my last example of their silly, one-up (wo)man-ship contest:
4. "You know that I went to YMCA camp when I was young and I learned canoeing."
5. "Yes, I remember that. You went there and I went to W*&^ each summer. We did canoeing, too."
4. "Well, believe it or not I have a canoe and I taught my daughters how to paddle! They were so cute learning how to paddle."
5. "You couldn't pay me a million dollars to ever step foot inside another canoe, again. We keep our Boston Whaler, at our boat dock. Our Beach house is in Port O'Connor. In fact, last year our oldest daughter moved to Fort Knox and she married a Major." (So by now, all of y'all get my drift about these boring, hilarious women. And the best part was that the man sitting with them never spoke one word.) 

Today has been great even though Tony had a mild fender-bender, after we picked up Roy from Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic. Roy had an appointment there, so they could check his "Lick-itis and they pretty much gave him a clean bill of health, but they do want to see him in two weeks.

And before I go, I want to tell you, that I made the best two-step mix Green Chile Stew for our lunch, that Mari had suggested I buy, at H-E-B. Tony and I loved it and y'all can make it too! The brand is COOKWELL & COMPANY.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought they just were over here! But------- omg what a laff you both had ---- I love animals so much - You don't see the haughtiness n pretense you can sometimes find in people.... oh wow Smiles!!!!!! ---- Always----

cousin nancy said...

They probably were. Was one of them driving a Camry and a Corolla? Please don't tell them where we live!