Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Today and the last few days have been great, because my "new hand-picked media" is really working and I've actually been feeling upbeat.

I totally enjoyed watching My Fellow Americans that Kris & Jim loaned to me. And after watching that movie I went to Amazon and purchased that hilarious movie I got sidetracked, which seems to happen to me quite often.

Anyway, I ended up adding one my most favorite television shows Northern Exposure which aired in 1990 -1995 and I bought this "package deal" consisting of the complete series with 110 episodes, 14 DVDs that are neatly stored in an adorable faux leather carrying case.

So the last few evenings I've been glued to the television watching one hilarious episode after another. Enjoying the characters: Dr. Joel Fleishman, Maurice Minefield, Maggie O'Connell, Holling Vincoeur, Shelly Tambo, Chris Stevens, Ed Chigliak, Ruth-Ann Miller and Marilyn.

And I am already halfway through Season 2! When it arrived I took these pictures of my Northern Exposure collection. And I totally suggest that everyone watch it, because it was before everyone had cell phones and computers.

This morning, I received an e-mail from a dear friend or ours and it really concerned me. His note read:

"Nancy, I entered Area 51 today…!"

So after I read it, I Googled Area 51 to refresh my mind, because I could not remember everything about it. And when I read the part "Signage around the base perimeter advises that deadly force is authorized against trespassers" it alarmed me. So I immediately wrote my friend back without trying to scare him on his adventure:

"Hi, it is great to hear from you, again. Please be careful in Area 51 and I hope that you are out of there by now. Since we've both seen that hilarious movie Paul I hope that you will get to see all of those famous Alien sites that were in the movie and maybe their will be a Comic-con that you can go to. Take care and keep on laughing. Nancy"

A few hours later, this friend actually called me to visit. "....I'm really worried about you and I hope that you're still not in Area 51, because you might get shot!"


"I just read all about Area 51 and sent you an e-mail to warn," then he interrupted me and chuckled.

"Nance, I haven't read your e-mail and I am not in Area 51 and have never been. I'm in Colorado right now. What I meant was my age. I'm now 51. I'm in Area 51." Then we both had a good laugh about it.

A few hours later, after he had finally read my e-mail about warning him my friend shot me this e-mail:

"Ha yes, I will be  in Area 51 all year !!!!!" And that's about it for tonight, because I am going to watch a few more episodes of Northern Exposure.

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!


Susie Winter said...

Nancy, isn't Northern Exposure on Netflixs? On a side note, have you been keeping up with the issues surrounding the Fort Worth Stockyards? Or should I say drama. Susie from Fort Worth.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Susie! The last time I checked Netflix they didn't have Northern Exposure for streaming, but I will check it out and I'll also check out what's going on in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Thank you for your comment.

Fay said...

Way back in the day I was hooked on Northern Exposure! The characters are amazing and quirky and interesting, and very believable for a small town. Enjoy!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! I totally agree with you about the characters being quirky and interesting. Tonight I plan to watch more episodes, because they make me laugh and soothe my soul.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Years ago, when Northern Exposure was airing as a new series on tv, my husband told a friend and me that he fully expected when we got older that we would both be like the character of Ruth Ann. He didn't intend it that way, but we both took it as a HUGE compliment!

That series was/is fantastic. I was always riveted to the screen when the shows came on. And I own the first DVDs - sold in the quilted 'parkas' but....I won't watch them because it saddens me that they don't feature the same, original music from the tv series. The 'rights' would probably cost too much, but I want my Northern Exposure to be as I remember it. I would definitely pay extra for new DVDs - if the original music was restored!