Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Best Jokes...!

Today has been great and so were the past few days. On Tuesday I made that Tom Kha Gai soup recipe for our lunch and it was absolutely delicious. And to prove it, Tony had second servings.

Early this afternoon, we gave our dear friend Steve Pietzsch a ride to Kerrville, so he could pick up his car that had just been repaired. But, before we dropped him off to pick up his car we ate lunch together. And Tony and I had a blast catching up with Steve's latest news.

The three of us talked non-stop going to Kerrville. First, we talked about the best composting toilets to buy, all of the benefits of living off-grid and water-catchment systems, because I am seriously thinking about building a Tiny House, in Terlingua, Texas.

Then I remembered that I had not yet told Steve my hilarious off-color joke, that I heard David Spade tell on a Netflix show. It involves this ninety-year-old couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary, but that is all that I can tell y'all, on my Blog, because the punchline is so unexpected.

As you already know I've just about told everyone that I know that cute joke and every time that I've told it I always get the same reaction—they burst out loud laughing and then tell me, "That's one of the best jokes that I've ever heard!" And Steve did the exact same thing, too.

While we were eating lunch or trying to eat lunch, because we were laughing so much, we started talking about our smart phones. Steve pulled out his smart phone and told us that he only uses it to talk to his friends and then he confessed, "This thing is so complicated that I only know how to call people and do a few other things."

"I admitted to Steve, "We don't know how to do many things with ours, too." Then suddenly a light bulb went off in my head. "Steve, I learned this last week about calling people. Did you know that you can ask Siri to call someone for you and she'll do it. It's pretty cool."

So Steve immediately pressed Siri's button and asked her to call his friend Jan and she did after asking him did he want the home number or cell number. Then we talked about art and his art and the rest is history.

After we dropped our dear friend off, at the auto repair shop, we went to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, so I could pick up a refill of Roy's arthritis pills. Then we came back home.

Chet called me late this afternoon and we must of talked for about an hour, because we were catching up with each others latest news. And that's about it for today.

Except, Sandy & Jon just called me to visit and yes, I told them my off-color joke and like everyone else and Steve's reaction—they burst out laughing, too"

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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