Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Million Times! or The Best BBQ In Boerne, Texas is Texas Meat Co.!

Today has been a blast, because Tony and I took a mini-vacation today. We went to Boerne, Texas, to eat lunch with our dear friends Cheryl & Walter and to catch up with each others latest news.

We met them at the coolest indoor/outdoor restaurant, too. They had suggested that we meet them at Borne's favorite and coolest place to eat delicious BBQ, The Texas Meat Company, at 1101 South Main Street, because we all love Texas BBQ.

We all arrived on time, but Tony and I were two minutes earlier than their arrival, so I guess you could say that we were first. Which gave us time to check out their fabulous Menu.

After howdies and hugs we took turns ordering what we wanted to eat and then we went and sat down, at a vacant picnic table, on their outdoor patio, that had the greatest vibes, but then again, it could have been our dear friends fabulous vibes or just a combination of all of them.

But it really doesn't matter about who had the best vibes there, because we were having so much fun getting to visit with two of our Top 4 Coolest People, in Boerne, who are Walter & Cheryl and Jay & Sarah. (By the way if you're not from Texas, Boerne is pronounced "Burn—E.")

While we ate our mouth-watering lunch, we talked about almost everything under the sun including: our love for Terlingua, our love for Northern New Mexico, catch & release fly-fishing, in Wyoming and Utah, football, baseball, Alpine Texas, Marfa Texas, Duke, the Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, Great Pyrenees, Sul Ross University, Chet O'Keefe, banjos, guitars, scorpions the size of a mans hand, our families, photography, my paintings, my Blog, keyhole gardening, etc.

At one point during our fun-laughter-filled conversations, Walter looks at me sort of serious, and says, "Nancy, you could really make a lot of money with your writing and fainting." And Cheryl and Tony agreed with him, while I'm sitting there with a dumb look on my face, because I was trying to make sense out of what Walter had just said to me.

Then I figured it out and chuckled, and then confessed, "Y'all, I'm seriously getting hard of hearing, and Walter, I thought you said "with my writing and fainting," not that I go around faintin' all of the time. You actually said "painting"—not fainting."

Then it's Tony's turn and he adds, "I'm getting Nance a hearing-aid for her birthday."

And that's just about the time that I remembered that I had not told Cheryl & Walter my hilarious, off-color joke that makes everyone burst out laughing when they hear the punch line. But first, I warned them about my joke being off-color and then I told them my joke. And like everyone else that I've told it to—they burst out laughing, too. And so did Tony, even though he's heard me tell it over a million times to our friends.

While we were still laughing about the joke, one of the nice, friendly co-owners of, Texas Meat Co.,   walked up to our table and asked us how we liked their food and if he could get us anything and we all told him that "the food is absolutely delicious!"

And I liked that, because it showed that he really cared about what the diners thought of their food.  And to prove it, after he left our picnic table, I watched him go from one table to another making sure that everyone was enjoying their meals. So, I want to highly recommend eating at the, Texas Meat Co., because they serve the Best BBQ, in Boerne, Texas.

Before we had to sadly adios our dear friends, we also talked about going out to Terlingua together, Tony and I suggesting that they watch our most favorite hilarious Netflix shows: Grace & Frankie and The Ranch (They are already fans of Longmire) and thanking them for treating us to a super fun, delicious Texas BBQ lunch. So, I am happy to say, "Life is good when you are lucky enough to have great friends like Cheryl & Walter."

Y'all have a great evening and keep on laughing!

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