Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today have been the dog days of Summer as far as I am concerned.  About a month ago, on one of our hot Texas days, I had a scare, but thank goodness it wasn't a bad scare. It was more like a warning.

I had been outside giving a very nice couple a tour of our rescue ranch and after I had adios-ed them I came back inside The Cabin.

Once inside our air conditioned trailer I was relieved to finally cool off and the first thing that I did was get myself a glass of water, because I was so thirsty. Then I sat down in front of my computer and when I tried to type, my hands were trembling and it really scared me, because this has never happened to me before.

I drank another glass of water and then I went and told Tony about my hands shaking. "It's probably heat related, Nance. Are you feeling dizzy or sick to your stomach?"


"That's good," Tony said. "You probably got yourself dehydrated. Go drink another glass of water and and rest."

I did what Tony told me to do and about an hour later, I was totally back to normal—no more trembling hands—thank goodness. Anyway, since that little scare I've realized that at my age I have become more sensitive to the heat, which is a very common thing that happens to senior citizens. So now I monitor myself when I go outside, because I don't want to have that happen to me again or worse have a heatstroke.

Since Monday I've basically spent my time indoors doing boring things like doing rescue ranch paperwork, cleaning the trailer, running errands, in Kerrville, or returning important phone calls and e-mails. And that, not having anything interesting to write about and being troubled with what has been going on in our world is the reason why I've not posted anything since last Sunday.

Today has been great, but uneventful, once again, unless you count going to the little H-E-B. to get dog food and groceries. And the good news is I do know that tomorrow will be a lot of fun and tomorrow night, I promise I'll have something interesting to write about it.

Y'all have a great evening, keep on laughing and stay cool!

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