Saturday, January 2, 2016

Steven Rambam!

The New Year is already starting out great. Garnet sent me a note about Bobby & Ginger (The sweet Boxer that he adopted from us the day after Christmas.) She wrote that Bobby loves Ginger as much as she loves him and things are working out great.

Earlier this morning Tony told me that our dear friend Fay, up in Toronto, wants to adopt the female Pyr-mix pup if I am sure about not wanting to adopt Sassy aka Grandma for myself. "Tony, we already have five dogs and seriously, these precious puppies have been wearing both of us out.... So please tell Fay that we would love for her & Ian to adopt Sassy from us."

Then I spoke, on the phone, with two other nice people about two more upcoming possible adoptions. The woman and husband from Bandera are going to come out Monday to possibly adopt Rockette and I might also be driving and delivering one of our older dogs out to Alpine to be fostered! So please keep your fingers crossed about all of these adoptions.

And a few minutes ago, I received this e-mail from our good friend Rambam, with an exciting announcement. So, to help him kick-start and generate a audience, I copied it and am posting it here. Rambam wrote:

"Dear Colleagues:

This coming Wednesday (06 January 2016), 2:00 PM CT, is the launch of "Justice Radio", an exciting new radio show focusing on investigations, security issues, law enforcement, the justice and legal systems, and related issues of all kinds.

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected as the host of Justice Radio, and will be partnering with Gordon "Big G" Ames of the famous Texas Roadshow.

Justice Radio is a weekly multi-platform broadcast, and will air every Wednesday, 2-3 PM Central Time. It airs in the most prime of prime times: we're sandwiched between Rush Limbaugh and then Herman Cain and Mark Levin.

If you are in Central Texas you can listen on 1230 AM, and on FM, too. (Not certain of the complete broadcast area / channels, but for certain it's available in the entire Hill Country, and in some or all of San Antonio.) Justice Radio will also be live-streamed worldwide on the Internet ( and is available live via all Apple and Android phones. (I've C&P a link to the iOS app, below.) J.R. will also be available as a free podcast on iTunes. Meaning, there is no location, worldwide, where Justice Radio will not be available, both live and podcast. 

Justice Radio is also listener-participation radio; most shows, including the kickoff, will have an active call-in line. (Yes, we welcome your participation, and yes, please feel free to suggest guests.)

It is my hope that I will now be able to do on radio what I have been accomplishing on TV (I hope that you agree): to demonstrate how private investigation is today not just a job, it is a profession, and private investigators are a critical - in fact irreplaceable - part of the justice and legal system. (A note to FOI members: yes, J.R. will help FOI's educational and outreach programs grow!) 

And based on what we're already been able to line up, Justice Radio is going to be one of the most entertaining and informative shows, anywhere. Scheduled this month:

06 January  KICKOFF

13 January "We See Dead People"
(murder for hire, fraudulent deaths and international investigation)
Guests:  Elizabeth Greenwood, author of "Playing Dead"
Richard Marquez, international death claim investigator

20 January "No Ferrari"

Fictional Private Investigators vs. the reality of modern private investigation

Guest: Richard "Kinky" Friedman, author of 20 private detective novels

27 January "Privacy Is Dead, Get Over It"

Privacy, Electronic Surveillance, The Internet of Things and tracking 24-7-265

03 February "International Investigation and Due Diligence"

Guests TBA; co-broadcast from international location

All input will be gratefully accepted,


And that's what is going on out here right now.

Y'all have a great day!

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Mari of the NoMads said...

Hi, Nancy - hope you are staying warm and dry in this weather!

I loved reading that Fay will soon be getting the cute Pyr mix and I also loved reading about the new Justice Radio broadcast!

What a great blog post, especially since it also mentioned the success of Ginger in her new home and the possibilities of MORE adoptions - yep, this blog definitely made my otherwise dreary (see weather statement above) day a MUCH brighter day!