Thursday, January 28, 2016

Without Any Ones!

This morning after I did the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch segment on Harley's radio show I checked my e-mail. And at 8:09, I received this e-mail from my dear friend Mari. She wrote:

"This is from fellow NoMad Yvonne, who runs the Animal Shelter in Fredericksburg.

MIR has NOT ended – it’s still fading away……..

look what happened to my watch, one of the 1's on the 11 fell off, then the 1 fell off....What does this mean? Very strange."

So I wrote Mari back:

"Good grief Mari! That is hilarious as long as it wasn't an expensive watch. I just want to know where the 1's went. Are they rattling around under the plastic/glass cover? I guess you could say, “That time marches on with or without any ones.”

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