Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oh Canada!

Tony and I just watched the movie Vacation, starring Ed Helms and we totally enjoyed it and we laughed a lot. Before we go to bed tonight I want to share some more great news with y'all.

Earlier this evening our dear friend Fay and her husband Ian, in Toronto, called me. I had a wonderful visit with Fay and Ian and Ian even sang me some old Scottish songs, that he rewrote and sings to their dogs when they are walking them everyday. (I loved Ian's Scottish accent and he has a beautiful voice.)

Over the past several years they have adopted three of our super dogs from us: Kris Kristofferson, Wee Lassie (Kia) and Ranger (Blake Shelton.)

Even though Kris went to the Rainbow Bridge, several years ago and Wee Lassie is now over ten-years-old and is showing signs of slowing down, they are going to adopt Sasquatch aka Sassy aka Grandma from us, so she can be Ranger's companion and running buddy!

Fay told me that she and Ian cannot wait to adopt our adorable, female Great Pyrenees mix. She also told me that she is already in the process of scheduling Sassy's transport, using Julie Griffith's "Breeders Select Pet Transport," in Center Point. Who is the same super, nice woman they used to safely deliver our Blake Shelton/ Ranger to them.

And to say the least, Tony and I are more than thrilled about them adopting our gigantic puppy. I told Fay, "We rescued Sassy and Big Foot on Thursday, December 17th. The next day we took them to Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get them checked out and wormed. Each of them were healthy and they each weighed 5.5 pounds. And Tony and I are guessing that they now weigh close to twenty pounds. We're talking big puppies and it's not because they are from Texas...."

So this coming Monday, Tony and I will be taking Sassy back to Hoegermeyer Animal Clinic, so we can discuss with Dr. Craig Janssen when she will be ready to permanently move up to Toronto.

Life is good. Good night.

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