Thursday, December 31, 2015

Six Fours! or The Blue Couch!

Today has been great. Around 11:30, after we had dropped off Big Foot and Grandma, at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic, to get their first puppy shots, Tony and I met six of our good friends/volunteers for lunch, at the Thai Ocha restaurant. Eileen was the first to arrive, we were second, Lisa was third, Kris & Jim were fourth and June and Ellen were the very last to arrive, but no one was late.

Before we gave Ju our orders I showed off Little Debbie's cute, tiny, pink, wannabe UGGS that she will be wearing, I hope, when she stars in our upcoming "Longmire—Texas Style" skit/video that Eileen, Lisa and I co-wrote, in hopes that the Longmire cast and crew will invite all of us to be on location with them, when they film a new Longmire: Season 5 episode.

When our friend, Ju, came to take our orders she first teased Tony and me about always ordering their #4. Then Tony and I ordered the exact same thing—two #4's. Then to my amazement four others, at our table, ordered the #4, too. "Good grief," I said. "That's six fours! I wish Kinky was here to see this, because it mildly irritates him that we always order the #4 and won't ever try something else."

Of course, while eating our delicious lunch, we did a lot of laughing. In fact, we were the loudest table, in the restaurant. And before we adios-ed everyone, in the parking lot, Eileen and Tony transferred several large sacks of free dog food, from her truck to Trigger. "Thank you so much, Eileen!"

Then we took off to go pick up the puppies, before the clinic closed early for New Year's Eve. Our next stop was at Home Depot, to purchase a chainsaw. I stayed in the truck with the puppies while Tony went into the store.

After twenty-five minutes passed by I started to worry about Tony, because it doesn't take that long to buy a chainsaw. And five minutes later, I saw Tony approaching Trigger with empty hands. When he got back inside the truck he told me, "Sorry, it took me so long. Their computer showed that they had five chainsaws, in the store and three very nice employees did their best to locate them, but they couldn't find them..."

Late this afternoon Ellen, June & Kevin and James came out to pick up the blue couch that folds out to be a bed, that used to be inside my cabin, before Aaron, Tony and I built the twin bed frame. And while the men loaded the heavy couch into the back of their truck, I took June and Ellen to my cabin to show off the new bed, etc. and they loved it, too.

Tony and I followed our friends over to their Shoestring Ranch, so Tony could help the men unload the super heavy couch. After the men carried in the blue couch and sat it down, June gave me a private tour of their adorable, soon to be, bed & breakfast cabin that she and Ellen have been renovating. And I loved it, too.

When we were fixin' to leave, we wished everyone a happy new year, then I joked, "How sad. Helping move the couch over here is the highlight of our New Year's Eve partying. We can tell everyone that we went out on New Year's Eve, because it is after 5:00. And we can just leave out the part that we helped move a blue couch."

When we got back home, Carlton was flashing, on the breakfast bar to let me know that Kinky had called. So, I picked up the receiver and punched in his number. "Hi Kink. What's going on?" Then I heard Kinky laugh.

"Y'all had six fours! That's absolutely hilarious."

"How do you know about that?"

"Dylan and I ate there today about an hour after y'all left and they told us about it. You and Tony really need to try something else on their menu, because it is all delicious food..."

The puppies are sleeping right now and here is another picture I just took of them.

And that is about it for our exciting New Year's Eve celebration.

Y'all have a great evening! And have the best New Year ever!


Eileen said...

Nancy, we went to Thai Ocha for New Year's lunch and we did not have Two Fours!!!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! I know. Y'all need to order two fours next time, because Tony and I always do. Happy New Year Eileen.