Monday, January 18, 2016

Sassy Has Left The Building!

Today has been great. I got up earlier than usual this morning, because Tony and I needed to be at Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic by 8:30, to get Sassy's final Health Certificate signed, because Julie, the super great woman that is transporting Sassy to Niagra Falls, for Fay and Ian, was going to meet us at the clinic by 9:00.

The three of us took off, in Trigger, at 7:55 and I held Sassy in my arms the entire way. At 8:29, we arrived at Hoegemeyers. And while we waited for Dr. Rydberg to see us, I took these adorable pictures of Miss Sasquatch, in Tony's arms.

When we went to the examining room the first thing they did was weigh her and Sassy, unlike most women, didn't seem to mind us knowing her weight—13.8 pounds! "Good grief," Tony remarked. "She's gained another pound since we were last here."

Sassy passed her health examine with flying colors, even though Julie will be driving her instead of flying her up there.

Julie was running late, so around 9:15, Tony and I took off to go eat breakfast at Randy's & Lisa's Save Inn Restaurant. And yes, the place was packed with happy customers, Tony and I ordered the exact same thing and our Sinker Omelets were delicious.

After breakfast, we stopped back by Hoegemeyers to check on Sassy. "Sassy has left the building! Julie showed up right after y'all left," Susan said. "And we gave Julie Sassy's health certificate and your adoption papers...." After we thanked Susan for handling all of the international paperwork required Tony and I came back home.

All day today Big Foot, Sassy's precious brother, hasn't seemed to miss Sassy being gone at all, probably because he knows that he doesn't have to share any of their toys with her. Right now he is sleeping, inside the puppy pen, which is right next to me, at the kitchen table, as I am typing this. 

Tony and I are still thinking about adopting Big Foot, because he is such a smart, sweet puppy, but if the right person does come along and wants to adopt him, I am pretty sure that we will let him go to a new home.

Kinky just called me and invited me to go on a hike with him and The Friedmans and I told him, "Yes, give me five minutes." So before I go strolling, here is a picture that I took last night, of Sassy and Big Foot sleeping together for the very last time.

Y'all have a great evening!

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