Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yesterday and today have been great. Ben Stiller got adopted Friday morning, with almost all of our great friends/volunteers out here. He is now living, in Kerrville, with a super nice man that adores Great Danes. Tom adopted Ben to be his and his older, female Great Dane's constant companion and all of us are thrilled about Ben's fantastic adoption.

Also, while our great friends were out here, I dressed in my "crazy lady" costume, smeared red lipstick on, put Little Debbie's alien-attracting helmet back on her again, so we could shoot the Longmire/crazy lady scene, out on the highway, and Jim did an excellent job playing the part of Longmire.

Friday afternoon after eating a fun lunch with our friends, at the Koyote Grill, we took off for Kerrville to run several errands.

Our first stop was to go by Wolfmueller's Books to visit with Sandy & Jon. When we walked inside their super cool bookstore, Harley, Sandy & Jon greeted us. Then we started catching up with each other's latest news and it was a lot of fun.

After I purchased two Bill Bryson books from Jon, we adios-ed them and then we went next door to Bad Girlz of Texas, so I could shop for some hilarious birthday cards. While we were in this great store, with super great vibes, we visited with Andie, the owner.

And after I had paid her for my cards, we left the building and climbed into Trigger to take off for the big H-E-B, because we needed to buy dog food for our rescued dogs and for our five dogs and Henry, our giant puppy.  

While we were waiting for the light to change to green, I faintly heard Sandy hollering, "Nancy! Nancy!" So, I turned around and lowered the window and waved to Sandy and Andie. "Nancy, Andie has your books that you forgot to take with you!"

"Okay! We'll drive around the block!" I hollered, as Tony made a sharp, right-handed turn onto Main Street.

A minute later, Tony again pulled back into the same parking space, in front of Bad Girlz of Texas. Sandy and Andie were standing there holding my books and they were laughing. "I can't believe I left my books. I feel so stupid. Thank y'all for catching us, because I can't wait to start reading them."

"You also dropped a dollar bill on the floor," Andie teased, as she handed me back my one dollar bill. Then I thanked them and jumped back inside Trigger and we took off again. And Tony teased me about leaving my books, on Andie's counter, in Bad Girlz of Texas, all of the way to the big grocery store.

When we got back home, I checked my e-mail. My dear friend Cindy had sent me a note about her writing and posting a short story she titled"It's Not Important..a very short story" on her blog about me and Jim, my late husband who passed away in 1995. 

So I immediately went to Cindy Pickard's awesome blog: Pooh & The Brown Piglet to read it. And to say the least, I totally loved it. Then I read some of Bryson's book and then once again I re-watched the awesome show, unBranded, that's now trending on Netflix.

Today has been busy. We had several people come out to look at our dogs and keeping my fingers crossed I am pretty sure that Claudia is going to adopt Bonnie Raitt from us, on Tuesday. So please keep your fingers crossed for Bonnie, too.

Early this evening I organized the Longmire—Texas Style videos and then I sent them all to Gerry Olert, so he can start putting our Longmire spoof together. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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