Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sassy's Great Adventure! or Black Helicopters, Again!

I have been busy this morning, doing paperwork, returning phone calls and e-mails. Fay sent me this note this early this morning about Sassy's Great Adventure. Fay wrote:

"Just wanted to let you both know that Julie has been giving me regular updates from the road. They made it to the Louisiana border last evening and then the next leg she posted was at the Alabama border. She says Sassy is a good little traveller. I guess they had a good night because I got a text early this morning that said "You're going to LOVE this dog!" I feel like Christmas has arrived all over again, I am so excited to get this little girl home safe and sound. She's in good hands tho, so glad Julie is taking care of her on her journey. 

I will get an update on when she should be arriving in Niagara Falls, NY a little later today, so will be able to make a run for the border! 

PS. Really hoping to get some WORLD FAMOUS Buffalo Chicken Wings from the Anchor Bar to bring back to Canada too! They will ask me at the border if I have anything to declare. Could be interesting.... LOL
Take care & I'll give you another update soon!

And to say the least, Tony and I are more than thrilled about Sassy's great adventure up to Fay & Ian's home, in Toronto and we can't wait for her to get there, so she can meet Ranger (aka Blake Shelton).

Around 10:05 this morning, the weirdest thing happened again outside. Yesterday afternoon a giant, black helicopter came out of nowhere and it flew so low, over our rescue ranch that it startled us and upset all of the dogs, pigs, my horse Maya, the three donkeys and The Golden Girls. In fact, it happened so quickly, the noisy helicopter disappeared over a ridge before we could get outside and take a picture of it.

When it happened again this morning, Tony was outside, on the porch, taking pictures of Big Foot and this time he was able to get these pictures of it flying low, behind our trailer. 

I cannot stand for these big, black helicopters to fly over us, because it makes our trailer shake and it scares me and it upsets all of the animals. So can anyone please tell me why this is happening two days in a row? Because I am seriously starting to feel a little paranoid about it.

P.S. 11:30: Here's Fay's latest note to me:

"Julie is trying to get ahead of some weather, so, it may be very early tomorrow morning. She's going to give me a heads up on her ETA later today. I'm off work as of 6pm so can go any time! Takes about 3 hours for me to drive from home, go through Customs and get to the meeting place :)
Will let you know how it's going!
Fay xx"

I'll write more later today.


Eileen said...

Nancy, did you call the Sheriff's office & check on any further reports of the helicopter around your area. I bet you're not the only ones disturbed by its appearance and noise level!

Eileen said...

Looks like a Chinook, CH-47, which is a heavy lifter helicopter used by the military.

cousin nancy said...

Hi Eileen! No, I didn't call the Sheriff's office, but I wish I had. Why in the world is a CH-47 flying low out here? It creeps me out.

Eileen said...

Good question! Did you happen to have your alien seeking pot pie tin on yesterday?

cousin nancy said...

I wasn't wearing it yesterday, but Little Debbie and I were wearing them this morning. ; )

Mari of the NoMads said...

If David and I weren't busy on our New Mexico Ranch right now, we would get into our his and hers helicopters so we could check out that Chinook!

Seriously though, perhaps it is doing SAR?

Over here in Mountain Home we've been very irritated by a low-flying, noisy private plane that repeatedly flies over us from south to north - sometimes many, many times a day or even repetitiously, as in 5-10 minutes apart. Like you, we're not on any known 'flight path' and are not accustomed to the noise of any aircraft except the rare emergency life-flight helicopter. My brother-in-law says they are practicing take-offs and landings. OIC - for months now? Who might that be - a slow - REALLY slow -learner?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! What is SAR?

Mari of the NoMads said...

Search and Rescue.

cousin nancy said...

Thank you, Mari!