Monday, January 25, 2016

Full Moon & Mercury In Retrograde!

Today has been extremely frustrating. Because of the Full Moon & Mercury in Retrograde working together it appears that my Yahoo e-mail account has been compromised and I am so frustrated trying to fix it.

I was tipped off early this morning when my friend called to tell me that he received an e-mail from my account and the subject said: from creative, that's definitely not me, so I think tomorrow I am going to try to get a new e-mail address using gmail, but that is difficult, because our cell phones don't work out here...anyway, I am more than exhausted trying to fix this.

Bottom Line: If you get an e-mail from creative lounge DELETE IT, because it ain't from me.


Mari of the NoMads said...

Yep MIR strikes again! I received "your" email this morning but knew immediately you never send emails without a subject line, so I sent it to the spam folder, where it deserved to be.

Anonymous said...

Will it be over soon?? I can only hope......