Friday, July 31, 2015

Blast From The Past!

Today has been great. This afternoon I was trying to de-clutter my computer and I found this old, blast from the past video that I had made about us and our Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, back in January 2007. I watched it and it made me smile and also tear up, because it brought back so many fond memories of some of our past rescues.

I was just learning how to make movies back then, so there are no fancy lead ins or lead outs, like I use now when making my videos. 

I have loved the Rolling Stones, so I chose to use one of their most popular songs Gimme Shelter and I used Tony's and my photos in this video.

My video also includes a photo of Kinky and me, in Austin, in 2006, doing the Texas Book Festival together, my awesome, 2006 first book signing for my first book The Road To Utopia, at Sandy & Jon's famous, Wolfmueller's Books store, Ben kissing his sweet Valerie, that he had adopted from us and several of Tony's beautiful nature shots. 

One of my favorite pictures, in this video is Tony's incredible photo he took of Bosco, his Boston Terrier, jumping out of the wading pool. To view my blast from the past video, please click on Gimme Shelter. I hope that you will enjoy watching it as much as I did today. And I bet that some of y'all might recognize your dog that you have adopted from us.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Surely I join many others in recognizing those wonderful canine faces. When I saw Ladybird's beautiful smiling face, I didn't even try to fight back the tears. We still miss her - especially that dulcet singing voice of hers welcoming us home - even if we'd just driven to the mailbox and back!

Is that Great Pyrenees Mama in her younger years? My, how the time has flown for us all, hasn't it?

Thanks for sharing this video - I loved it!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! We loved Ladybird too and thank you so much for adopting her and you and David giving her a more than great forever home. I knew that you would recognize her, too. : ) And yes, that was my Mama, too. Tony took that fabulous picture of her when she was young. Like you, I am still missing my Mama, because I have never loved or been loved so much by a Great Pyrenees. She was the best and I will never ever forget her.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed watching that old, 2007 Gimme Shelter video as much as me. And I agree with you that time flies by way too fast. Thank goodness our great dogs decided to spend their lives with us, because we have been truly blessed by them. Dogs Rule!

karlee3 said...

What a great video--- looks like a lot og great memories!!! Thank you for sharing it Nancy

cousin nancy said...

Hi Karlee3! I am glad that you loved watching the video. I loved seeing all of those great dogs. A year ago, this month, Mama, my great Great Pyrenees passed away and when I saw her my tear flood gates opened up, because I loved her and still miss her so much. Tony choked up too when he saw Blue, his faithful Blue Heeler and when we saw our old Black Lab, Thunder, Toto, Lucky, our beloved three-legged cat, Bosco, etc. it made us wish that they were still with us.

I showed the video to Kinky this morning and he got a lump in his throat when he saw his magnificent, Mr. Magoo. And I loved seeing our dear friend, Ben, kissing Valerie, his late, faithful, sweet Pit Bull and then watching all of those great rescued dogs that we found homes for made all of us happy.

I think I will watch it again. Thank you for commenting. Dogs Rule!