Thursday, July 2, 2015

Red Man! or Longmire! or Warm Day!

Today has been great. All that I've done today is playing paperwork catch up, etc. and I still need a few more hours to be totally caught up, again. So tonight's post is going to be mainly pictures, because I want to get caught up.

I had a fabulous time, at Cindy's beautiful, off-grid ranch, in Northern New Mexico. It took Chet and me thirteen hours to drive there. I only drove The Red Pony for about one hour and Chet drove the rest of the way, because I think my driving skills worried him.

And when we arrived, at the ranch, Saturday night, Jody, who is a super, multi-talented, skilled artist, gave each of us two of his beautiful pillows that he had painted.

Cindy's fabulous Rites of Passage premier, film event was held, in Taos, Sunday evening and we met some incredibly great people there, with some of them being the Who's Who, of Taos, including Jonathan Warm Day, the famous Native American Pueblo artist and author, who is also good friends with Cindy & Jody.

I wore my official dress-up uniform: the long-sleeved emerald green blouse, pink bandana around my neck, pink boots and cowboy hat and the art gallery owner's partner, a very nice woman, said to Jo, who was standing next to me, "Now this woman knows how to wear a hat." Then she smiled and looked me in the eye, and said, "I bet you're Cindy's friend, from Texas..." Basically, I looked like this photo taken at my latest Medina Community Library book signing.

And that night I also purchased one of Jody's beautiful, hand carved and painted plaques: the Third of the Seven Sacred Teachings: COURAGE-BEAR: "It takes a lot of courage to listen to your heart and your spirit when your mind is telling you something else."

During the days, Cindy and I spent most of our time visiting, either sitting out on the porch, hiking down to the pretty pond or in her studio, while Chet and Jody took hikes, worked or went horseback riding, on their awesome horses, Red Man, the Quarter Horse. in the picture below and Boss Man, the handsome Paint.

In the evenings, Chet treated us and their friends to several, awesome, mini-concerts, that would always give us goose bumps and leave us speechless, because of his incredible musical talents. 

And while we were out there we also celebrated Cindy's birthday. Jo, who had moved out there, three years ago, from Blanco, is both Cindy's and my girlfriend. She surprised Cindy with the cutest, delicious, homemade "Aliens Welcome" birthday cake. And she also made fresh, raw milk ice cream, using the milk from Cindy's & Jody's sweet milk cow, Tilly. The cake and the vanilla ice cream were so tasty, I ate way too much of it, but what the heck—I was on vacation and I also love Aliens and Yetis.

This afternoon I took a ten-minute break from doing the paperwork, so I could hang up Jody's beautiful plaque. I had to rearrange a few pictures, on the walls, to finally find the perfect place for it.

And I moved our small "All you need is Love" hand-sewn plaque, that a very sweet, young woman made especially for us, because several years ago we had rescued, Roscoe, her families beloved dog, and I hung it on the wall, next to the front door, so the last thing that anyone will see, when going outside, will remind us that all you need is love, because it is so true.

P.S. Earlier today our dear friends Kris & The Mineral Man sent me a picture of their two favorite bumper stickers, on their bumper, that they also tweeted to Craig Johnson, the famous author of Longmire, in hopes that he will respond. And I love it!

Y'all have a great evening!

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