Monday, July 6, 2015

The Lucky One!

Today has been great. We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend, because we spent it with our good friends, Adina & Butch and Kris & Jim aka The Mineral Man.

Early this morning, while Tony was still drinking coffee at The Old Timer, in Medina, I decided to surprise him by pushing the lawn mower around, in several dog pens, because he was so sweet to "hold down the fort," while I was gone to New Mexico.

The good news is he was pleasantly surprised and he really appreciated me helping him with the mowing. So after we ate a fun lunch with Chet, in Kerrville and took care of a few errands, we returned to the ranch and I started mowing again, until a nice woman and her great kids came over to check out B.B. King, our sweet, young dog.

B.B. is in the pen right next to sweet Lucille, the Boxer mix. that I named after B.B.'s guitars. So to make a long story short—Ashley and her nice kids fell in love with B.B. and Lucille and they could not make up their minds which one they wanted to adopt. So it was decided that tomorrow morning Ashley is going to call me to tell me which one gets to be the lucky one.

This evening Tony and I went over to visit Kinky and Brian Molnar, the talented musician that is producing Kinky's soon to be released awesome CD.

When we drove up in Trigger, they were just fixin' to go hiking with The Friedmans. Kinky invited Tone and me to hike with them, but Tony declined, because his knee was aching.

I had a fun time hiking with them, because they told me some funny stories about them being backstage, at Willie's 4th of July picnic, while Tony hung out, at the Lodge, on the front porch, taking pictures of Kinky's huge herd of Hummers.

When we came back to the Lodge we had a fun visit and then Tony and I returned home.

I can't wait for tomorrow morning to come, so we can find out which dog Ashley and her sweet family want to adopt. And that's about it for tonight, because I'm fixin' to drink a glass of boxed wine and play my guitar, in Outer Space.

Y'all have a great evening!

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