Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Breakdown!

Today has been great—until three hours ago when I tried to hook-up a new ink jet printer, because six days ago, the old one totally lost its mind and had a total breakdown. Even though everyday since its total breakdown, I have wasted many frustrating hours trying to revive it, I finally gave up yesterday afternoon and pronounced it dead.

My exact words, before Tony removed it from my office, were, "Good riddance. Rest in peace. And maybe the next time that you come back around, the printer gods will have given you a better unit than this one."

So late yesterday afternoon, Tony drove me to Office Max and I purchased a new, less expensive all-in-one model, figuring that keeping it simple would be the better choice. Well I was wrong about that, because today I have spent/wasted three frustrating hours trying to install the printer.

I finally gave up about thirty minutes ago, so I wouldn't have a total breakdown, caused by a stupid printer, because for one that would be too embarrassing for me. With people and friends saying things like, "Omg! Did you hear that Cousin Nancy had a breakdown?" And then when asked what caused it, they'd laugh and answer, "Printing problems."

Anyway, enough said about my personal, printing problems, because I am sure that all of us have had at least one, from time to time. So tomorrow will be a new day and after I finish helping Tony with the morning chores outside, I plan to call a printer tech to help walk me through the printing problem process. And I am sorry for dumping on y'all tonight, but I had to get it off of my chest.

Now let me tell you about the earlier part of my day, which was a total blast. Tony and I met our dear friend Marguerite, for lunch, at El Sol de Mexico, because we all love Mexican food and Marguerite had never eaten there!

Tony and I were the first to arrive at our favorite Mexican food restaurant and Beto, our favorite waiter, immediately greeted us and took us to one of his tables. Seconds later, he served us iced teas, because he knows that we always order iced teas. After we told him that there would be three of us, he wrote something down, on his order pad and then he smiled and showed it to us:

L-bowl guac

"Am I right?" Beto asked. Tony and I nodded our heads up and down and then we all started laughing, because Tony always orders their #27 and I always order their #26, with a large side dish of freshly made guacamole. 

A few minutes later Marguerite arrived and the fun began. First off, we introduced her to Beto and when he went to get her iced tea, we told her that he is our favorite waiter and that everything on the menu was delicious. So after checking out the menu, Marguerite decided to order the Combo Plate, which Beto had highly recommended.  

During our fun, delicious lunch, we talked non-stop about our dogs and told funny stories about their quirky habits, etc. And when lunch ended, Marguerite invited us to follow her over to her house, so we could see her place and meet all of her cats and dogs , including the four lucky dogs that she has adopted from our rescue ranch: Enzo, Odi, Mini and Scout, the lucky pup.

Even though Tony jokingly remarked that Marguerite had a lead foot—he and Trigger did a fine job keeping pace with her and when we arrived at her ranch, both of our jaws dropped to the floorboard, because she has one of the coolest ranches, in the Hill Country.

The good vibes were everywhere and it was obviously a place of peace and quiet, until Marguerite let her dogs come outside to meet us. Only for a few minutes, Enzo, her German Shepherd, stood back to show that he was being protective and watching us, while Odie, Mini, Scout and her other adorable dogs sniffed and licked us, while wagging their tails. 

When her dogs settled down and went their separate ways, Marguerite gave us a grand tour of her home and it totally blew us away. Tony and I loved the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture home that her father had built and I was blown away with her creativeness and how she had decorated her home. "Tony, I would love to have a home just like this," I remarked, several times and I came close to asking her if she would come and decorate The Cabin for us.

Marguerite's gardens were also awesome and the yard art that she had created, in each area, nearly caused me to start drooling and the good thing was I had taken the napkin, from El Sol de Mexico, just in case. 

Her lovely home and beautiful gardens are a sanctuary and is filled with super cool bird feeders, solar lights of all kinds, beautiful statues, that she had made, and the whimsical yard art, has totally inspired me to get busy and make something. Anyway, we had a wonderful time today being with Marguerite. And that's about it for tonight. Please wish me luck with the printer.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Is Mercury in retrograde? Tonight I was merrily typing away when my ISP started asking me for an "activation code". No matter what I tried to do it would post a window to prompt me for the code that is supposedly on my connection paperwork. HUH?

To make a long story short, I phoned Tech Support who told me that the ISP was treating me as if I were a new customer just trying to connect to the ISP after all these years USING the ISP.

The solution was to disconnect the router and then the modem for over 3 minutes and then reconnect in the reverse order, allowing the modem to sync up which could be 'read' via a pattern of the blue lights that was only somewhat predictable. When that finished (less entertaining than the aurora borealis, let me tell you now), then the router was plugged back in. After a bunch of silent processing I was back in business.

And IMMEDIATELY I received an email asking me to complete a survey detailing my experience on the phone with Tech Support. Nothing 'broken' with that, is there? (smile)

So is this all part of Mercury in Retrograde?

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! Good grief, I can't believe that our computers and printers are both acting up, but I bet it might be caused by all of those solar flares we've been having. I checked my Farmer's Almanac and Mercury is not retrograde right now, but it will be soon. Our next M.I.R., troublesome times, is going to happen on September 17th - October 9th, which makes me extremely happy, because it won't interfere with my upcoming 64th birthday. Happy Birthday to me!