Saturday, July 18, 2015

We'll Be Back! or The Chow Hound Awaits!

Today has been great. Late this morning, while Tony was outside finishing up his chores, I cooked us lunch or so I had thought, because when Tony came inside The Cabin and I told him, "Lunch is ready and we're having steamed zucchini, my homemade pinto beans with cornbread."

He said, "Nance, it all sounds good, but I think that you've forgotten about us going to Medina for lunch, to eat at Rick & Jo's new BBQ place, in the parking lot, next door to The Old Timer. I'm starving, so can we eat your lunch tomorrow?"

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at our good friend's new BBQ food trailer and I instantly loved what I saw, because their Williams Creek Trading Company was a cute, log cabin food trailer and you know how much I love log cabins. So I took this picture of it.

When we arrived, the BBQ place was packed with Medina people and tourists sitting outside, on the big, shaded, picnic tables, enjoying Rick's famous, delicious, smoked BBQ. 

In some circles, Tony and I are known as, "The Cute Couple," because we always order the exact same thing when we go out to eat and this time was no exception. We both ordered double meat (Brisket & Sausage) plates with potato salad and beans, instead of coleslaw. It was a hard decision to make, because there was all kinds of BBQ and they also serve sandwiches, sliders and wraps.

After we gave Jo, Rick's super sweet wife, our order we found a shady place to sit down. And I am glad that we got there when we did, because more and more people kept showing up and the parking lot got full. 

In fact, famous Mikey, who writes a humorous, weekly column for the Bandera County Courier, was there and she said hi to us, before going over to visit with a coupe of the Bandera County Constables, who before leaving, told Rick, "Rick, we'll be back for some more of your BBQ." And our dear friend Debbie, the friendly owner of the famous Old Timer store, next door, came over to our table and we had a really fun visit with her, as we always do.

To say the least, "Rick Anderson's mouth-watering BBQ has been famous, in the Texas Hill Country, for over twenty some odd years, long before he and Jo ever decided to buy a food cabin, on wheels and sell BBQ on Saturdays and Sundays. And by their customers reactions today, it was totally obvious that the whole town, the tourists and us are more than thrilled about them being there, on weekends." 

And I loved their Open Hours sign:

Saturday 11 -7
Sunday   11 -3, or until we run out of our fresh BBQ

Here are a few more pictures that I took of the Williams Creek Trading Company BBQ Cabin, on wheels.

And since I am writing about food tonight, I want to show you another cute picture, that Marguerite took of Scout and sent to me. In her note, she wrote, "Scout always keeps her food dish, inside her crate, until it is close to her feeding time." She's a chow hound and Tony and I can't believe how much she has already grown! 

Y'all have a great evening!


karlee3 said...

Awesome! It is great when you can have or find a really good BBQ place! If you all ever get to Junction do try LUMS BBQ - I have no connection with it- it is just a great place to get your BBQ YUMMY

cousin nancy said...

Hi Karlee3! I totally agree about finding good BBQ places. If we go to Junction we will certainly try it and if you ever come to the rescue ranch, on a weekend, you should try The William's Creek Trading Company's BBQ. Deal!