Thursday, July 23, 2015

#26, #27, L-Guac, 2-ts! or Musical Chairs!

Today has been great. This afternoon Tony and I went back to El Sol de Mexico Restaurant, to eat lunch with our good friends: Steve Pietzsch, the incredibly talented artist, Chet O'Keefe, the super talented singer, songwriter, musician and Donna Gable Hatch, a fabulous author and the best Features Editor that The Kerrville Daily Times has ever had.

Tony and I got their twenty minutes early and Beto greeted us at the door. "We're going to need a table for five today. And we don't need a menu, because we want the #26, #27, L-guac and two teas," Tony said. Then we followed Beto to our table for six, near the cash register and then we sat down.

To fill our time waiting, Tony and I made bets as to who we thought would show up first, second and last. And I won the bet! Steve was first, Chet was second and Donna was last and they were only minutes apart.

After Beto had taken our friend's orders, we got to talking and laughing and it never stopped. We talked about Steve's upcoming art show, in late August, at the Kerrville Arts & Cultural Center and Donna writing an article about Steve and his art, how much we all love Stan Morris, the super nice, friendly musician that owns The Melody Corner, music store, on Junction Highway, Tony's upcoming photography coffee table book, the movie Foxcatcher, Nova Scotia, Chet's music and about him buying a mandolin, and the Kerrville Folk Festival and David Crosby's awesome performance, at the festival.

Then Donna started laughing. She told us that she had read my funny blog, back in June, about that night, at Crosby's concert, and me giving away Tony's favorite fishing, musical, blue chair, that was equipped with small speakers and a jack, so Tony could plug his iPod into it, while he was fishing. "After reading your blog I contacted my girlfriend that you gave Tony's blue chair to and she has no problem returning it to you. I'm coming out to the ranch, this Saturday, to visit with Kinky and I'll bring it with me." To say the least, Tony was more than thrilled with her good news.

After a super fun time, at El Sol de Mexico, eating a delicious lunch with our dear friends, we hugged everyone and then everyone adios-ed each other and went our separate ways.

Our first way was going to The Kerrville Daily Times office, so I could renew our yearly subscription to the newspaper and our next way was at Hastings, so I could hopefully buy the 2012 Academy Award winning documentary, Searching For Sugar Man and our last way was a quick stop, at the little H-E-B, to buy a gallon of 2% milk for Tony, deodorant and toilet paper. Then Trigger took us home. And that's about it for today, because I am fixin' to go watch Searching For Sugar Man, the awesome documentary that many of my friends have been raving about.

P.S. My dear friend Mari sent me this awesome story about a man in Brazil that has unusual pets, a Golden Retriever named Bob, several birds and a hamster. I loved reading the short story and the photos that he has taken of his pets are more than awesome. If you want to instantly put a smile on your face please click here. I love his pet pictures so much that I keep going back to look at them, because they warm my heart. "Mari, thank you for sending this to me!"

Y'all have a great evening!

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