Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Real Pain In The Back! or Tony's Traveling, Musical, Fishing, Blue Chair! or A Giant!

Today has been great. This morning Chet O'Keefe came out to see us and he brought along his Blaze Foley DVD, Duct Tape Messiah: The Documentary Movie, so Tony and I could watch it, because we were interested in watching the documentary.

For lunch today, Chet, Tony and me went to Medina, to eat a delicious BBQ lunch, at our friend's new Williams Creek Trading Company food wagon/cabin and so did everyone else, in Medina. Jo & Rick's  weekends BBQ business is located right next door to Debbie's world famous, The Old Timer store.

Of course, Tony and I ordered the exact same thing and Chet ordered a two meat plate with sides of coleslaw and beans. And needless to say, "We all thought our lunch today was absolutely delicious and I am so glad that we went to eat early, because when it was time for us to leave everybody in town had shown up to eat some of their mouth-watering BBQ."

When we pulled out of the parking lot, we drove about 200 feet, before Tony pulled off to the side of the road and parked Trigger, because we wanted to check out a garage sale. I ended up buying a pair of bar stools, because for a long time, I've been wanting to replace our bar stools, because they are a real pain in the back, because anyone who sits on one of our bar stools, their jeans or belts usually get caught in the decorative metal chair backs, causing them to walk away, with a stool attached to them.

When we arrived back at the ranch, Tony's famous, blue, folding, musical, fishing chair, that I gave away that night, at the Kerrville Folk Festival, was leaning up, against the gate. Tony was thrilled to see it, and he said, "Oh no. We've missed seeing Donna Hatch." But he was wrong.

As soon as we walked inside The Cabin, Tony called Kinky, at the Lodge, to see if Donna was still over there and she was, so Tony asked Kinky to please tell Donna that we were back, from eating lunch and that we hoped that she would have the time to come by for a visit.

One hour later, after we had just finished watching an extremely interesting Hangar 1: The UFO Files episode about Presidential encounters, when our good friend Donna arrived. Then we had a really fun visit with her.

We talked about everything under the sun and beyond. While Donna took turns holding Little Debbie or Big Al(ice) we discussed Tony's blue chair, books, writing, aliens, concerts, Terlingua, our dogs, our travels, Tony's upcoming photography coffee table book and the great article that she had written, in today's Kerrville Daily Times, about our mutual friend, Stan Morris, the friendly owner of, The Melody Corner, music store.

And that prompted Donna to ask Chet if he would please play his new mandolin for us. After Chet fetched his mandolin, from his van, he played it for about thirty minutes and his skill and talent totally blew us away.

Early this evening, I went outside to take a picture of Tony's beloved traveling, musical, fishing, blue chair that has two little speakers, embedded in the armrests, behind the cup holders and the two bar stools that I had purchased, at the garage sale.

Then I dragged one of the stools, inside The Cabin, to see how it would look, next to our breakfast bar and I was surprised and disappointed by how much shorter the new/used bar stool was compared to our old stools that hook people's clothes. 

Then I pulled it up to the bar and sat down on the new/used bar stool, next to the breakfast bar, to see if it was at all usable. And the answer is, "Nope," because my chin was level with the breakfast bar and it would have to take a giant to be able to sit at the breakfast bar. 

So, as I finish writing this, the next thing that I plan to do is drag the bar stool back outside and put both of the bar stools, inside our storage unit. And that's about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


karlee3 said...

DANG! So sorry about your chairs- bar stools are all so different- maybe bring a tape measure with u next time? I keep one in my car-- lol just in case--- and it has come in handy - glad that Tony got his chair back - I guess all is good for him now lol... You and Tony have a great evening (Sunday) and the best to y'all

cousin nancy said...

Hi Karlee3! I am still laughing about the not-tall-enough bar stools. I am just glad that they were real cheap. Tony is so happy to get his blue chair back, he is thinking about taking it down to the creek and do a little fishing and take pictures while he is waiting for "The Big One." Thank you for commenting and you have a great evening, too.