Sunday, May 24, 2015

Land-Locked Got Water!

Today has been great. Yesterday morning when it started raining it seemed like it was one thunderstorm after another. Because we were unplugged for most of the day and night I took a couple of sleepless naps with our dogs, did some writing, did a little reading and then I played my guitar.

This morning after breakfast Tony and I grabbed our cameras and then jumped into Trigger to go check out the creek situation and it did not take us long to realize that Kinky, Tony and I were temporarily land-locked.

Echo Hill's low water creek bridge

Deer Valley's creek crossing bridge that is totally underwater.

A few minutes later, we returned to the rescue ranch and jumped into Kermit and took off again so we could go check on the dam. And on our way over to the dam we discovered that four, large Spanish Oaks that had fallen down, because of the flood.

When we got to the dam it was fine and overflowing as were both of the creek bridge crossings, that get you to Kinky's Lodge. A big cedar tree had also fallen down and was resting on top of the long, white, swimmers bench, on the dock and the dock itself was nearly underwater, too.

When we returned back home, I downloaded my pictures and videos that I had taken and then I put together a short, YouTube video that I have titled: Land-Locked Got Water, to show the out of bank creeks, uncrossable bridges, some of the downed trees and the rescue ranch, etc. Please Click Here or on Land-Locked_Got Water to view the video.

It is now close to 3:00 and Tony and I are fixin' to jump back into Kermit, so we can go check the creek crossings, etc. And when we get back home I plan to do some writing and then watch a movie, so that is about it for today.

Y'all have a great Sunday!


Linda Taylor said...

So glad y'all are safe! I was just reading about the terrible flooding in Wimberly and I was worried.

Mari of the NoMads said...

Gotta LOVE the music accompanying your video - how perfect (well, maybe not the "Boston" part).

That water is finding it's way to Medina Lake, now only 33+ feet below "full pool" - whatever that is. It's gone up 22' just today!

Congratulations on 6.5" - we only got 2.4" and probably will remain a 'drought' area when re-evaluated, but maybe we'll move up from 'severe drought' - our current rating, which is an improvement over 'exceptional drought' and 'extreme drought', which we were rated earlier this year! But we're GRATEFUL for the rain in any amount here.

Thanks for a video that lends credence to the term 'flash flood' and the warning that says "turn around - don't drown".

Mary Sanders said...

It looks pretty and scary! I'm grateful you all are OK! Looks like a good soup and doggy-snuggle day to me!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Linda, Mari and Mary! Thank y'all for commenting. It is raining right now and am hoping that y'all get some of this beautiful rain.