Monday, May 11, 2015

Guard Sheep!

Today has been great and so were Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last Thursday evening after I wrote my blog, I watched that award winning documentary Finding Joe and I absolutely loved it. In fact, it sort of changed me.

So I spent all day Friday thinking about its powerful message or I guess I should say, Joe Campbell's powerful message about "Following Your Bliss." So, Friday evening I decided to do something about it.

I got on my laptop and went to eBay and it only took me about one hour to do something really nice for myself. After I had made my purchase, I walked down the hallway and told Tony, "I just bought myself an expensive present and I feel great about it."

Tony smiled and said, "Great. What did you get?"

"A *&$# guitar, because I love those guitars so much and I used to have one. In fact, I've owned four of them in my lifetime. I just got a confirmation from the seller, in Conneticut, and he is going to ship it out tomorrow." Then I went back into the kitchen and called Chet, in Terlingua, to tell him my exciting news. And to say the least he was thrilled for me, but not as thrilled as I was. And before he and I adios-ed each other, he recommended that I get a K&K Pure Mini pickup for it, "Because they are the very best for acoustic guitars."

So, then I went back Online and ordered the K&K Pure Mini pickup with free shipping from California. Then I went back down the hallway, having to step over and around Roy, Belle and Beau, and told Tony, "I just bought a pickup for it and I hope I get everything by Wednesday, because I can't wait..."

"I'm glad that you bought the guitar and the pickup, but I'll bet you that it won't sound any better than the one Ronnie made for you."

"You're probably right about that, but I'm a poser and love this particular guitar.

Then I zig-zagged back around our sleeping friends, in the hallway, so I could call my sweet brother. "Ronnie, I just bought myself a *&$# guitar!" Ronnie was thrilled for me, too. "I just got off of the phone with Chet and when I told him that I was going to buy a pickup for it, he suggested that I buy a K&K Pure Mini pickup, because he told me that they were the best."

"They are, Nance," Ronnie said. "In fact, that's the only pickup that I put on my guitars...."

Sunday, David, the man whom I purchased my *&$# guitar from sent me the tracking number, so I could track my guitar. And when I tracked the USPS number for it, I read that the expected delivery would be Monday. What?

This morning, after breakfast I tracked my guitar again and I read that it was already at the Post Office, in Medina! So, I called Julie, at the Post Office and asked her, "Do I have a package there that I need to sign for?"

"You have two packages. One is gigantic and the other one is small and you don't have to sign for it," Julie said. And two minutes later, Tony was driving me to Medina.

When I went into the Post Office, Julie had me sign for the big package and then she went to fetch it for me. When I saw the incredibly huge package I burst out laughing, because it was literally bigger than I was. "It's a guitar, Julie." And we were both laughing as I tried to carry this humongous box out of the Post Office.

When Tony saw them holding the door for me to exit with the box, he immediately jumped out of Trigger and skipped over to me, so he could carry my guitar and put it into the back seat for me. Then I went back inside the Post Office to get our mail and the small package.

As soon as we got back home, Tony helped me open the giant box, while Little Debbie and Alice stood back and growled at it. The bottom line to my "follow your bliss" story is that I am in love with my *&$# guitar and am so thrilled to have it, even though Ronnie's guitar sounds just as good or better.

After lunch today, we had to go to Kerrville to run several errands. Our last stop was at the Home Depot, so Tony could buy some pretty flowers, to help bring in the butterflies and bees, for his organic garden.

As he was putting the last plastic sack of flowers, inside Trigger, we had a drive by and it was friendly. "Hey, Eva and Stephen! How in the world are y'all doing?" Tony said, as they climbed out of their Subaru and I walked back around the truck to greet them.

After hugs, we got to visiting with them. "This is so weird seeing y'all here," Stephen K. Morris said. "Because when we pulled into the parking lot, I told Eva that I bet that we would run in to y'all here..."

We laughed a lot and talked about how much fun we had had listening to him and Chet jam together, in Outer Space, my new guitar and Eva's photography, etc. Then sweet Eva says, "We had to come to Kerrville today to pick up several big boxes of my photographs that have been on display, at the Grape Juice."

"No seriously, " Stephen said, followed by a laugh, as he opened the hatch back door, to show us several big, boxes full of her beautiful photography. Then Eva and Tony started talking about their love of photography. So Stephen reaches inside one of Eva's boxes and then he hands me this beautiful, awesome, matted photograph of some sheep, titled Guard Sheep. "We want to give this to you. It is one of Eva's signature pictures."

Tony and I were speechless, because we really loved her photograph and we were thrilled to get it. "Thank you so much. I know exactly where we are going to hang it, in the big room...." Then we started talking about my blog, Stephen K. Morris' website, Chet O'Keefe's website and Eva's website: "Y'all I am going to blog about this tonight," I said, as I was pulling my cell phone out of my purse. "Tony will you please take a picture of Eva and Stephen with me holding her photograph?"

After Tony shot us we visited a little bit longer, in the parking lot and we laughed and joked about Stephen and me both wearing the same outfits: Wrangler work shirts, white Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch caps, jeans and cowboy boots. Then we hugged and adios-ed each other and took off in opposite directions.

When we got back home I checked out Eva's website and I fell in love with all of her photographs, because she is so talented. One of Eva's photographs really caught my eye and made me laugh out loud, because I knew that if Little Debbie were to see it she would get very jealous of the photograph of the adorable, little dog, on top of a fancier dog bed than she has. Here's Little Debbie's doggie bed.

And that's about it for tonight, because I am fixin' to follow my bliss by playing my new guitar.

Y'all have a great evening!

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