Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Rain Check Tonight!

Today has been great. This morning Tony and I went outside to do the morning chores, before the rain arrived promptly, at 10:45. Since then it has been on and off big time thunderstorms and we've been unplugged for nearly most of the day. And we have just found out that in Medina they have received over six inches of rain.

As of ten minutes ago, we have received over four inches of rain today and we're thankful! So far we are not land-locked, but that could still happen and I hope that it doesn't. Our dogs are doing fine and the skies are still gray and rumbling, so that is about it for tonight, because I need to go unplug everything again.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

And downstream from you, Medina Lake is up 20' in the last 10 days! BEYOND wonderful for Texas to be getting rain at last but seemingly as always, it's feast or famine!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! This is great news about Medina Lake, but I'm getting tired of the constant thunderstorms we're experiencing. I'd write more, but I need to go unplug again, because it is thundering again.

Anonymous said...

So very glad y'all are ok and your fur babies as well. Blessings to yall2