Friday, May 29, 2015

Jay's Done It Again! Please Help Spread This Good News Around!

Our dear friend Jay Pennington has done another great thing for lost pets. He has just launched a new website: to help those lost pets caused by the Texas floods.

Jay sent this exciting note and our rescue ranch wants to help spread the word, because it is a way for all of us to help those lost and found pets. Please help spread this great news and website, so those pets can get back to their loving families. And that's another reason why we love Jay Pennington. Jay wrote:

"Hey friends,

Just wanted to mention that as there are many misplaced pets in the various

Texas towns due to the flooding and more rain coming.  I kept thinking this

is another database application just state wide rather than per community.

There seem to be several dozen Facebook pages right now but Facebook pages

just don't have the features that our system has such as the privacy flyers

and the nightly emails that search for you, and the thumbnails of pets at

the top where Fb might have your pet way down at the bottom of scrolling

forever, and the searching etc.  So I've got a page together and I've got

the website:   www.

Pared down to just Lost and Found ..... Found being general public and

animal shelter Founds.

I'm going to try to alert  the media in different
towns...and the affected shelters...maybe even emergency heads of cities
such as Houston and Wimberley, etc."


Anonymous said...

This is Awesome! Thank you for sharing the link & I will be passing this along also. My friends in Dallas are reporting a lot of displaced animals there too.. What crazy times indeed with the weather... Have a great evening. . Hope it is a dry one there.

Fay said...

Tweeted! What a great effort to get pets back home, that's awesome!!!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Anon and Fay! I agree with both of y'all that Jay Pennington's new website that helps get lost and found pets, caused by the flood, back to their loving families is totally awesome and thank y'all for spreading the word about it!