Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It Happened Again!

Today has been great. And it happened twice to me this morning and I am blaming one of them on M.I. R., because Mercury has been in retrograde since May 19th and it doesn't go away until June 11th.

Early this morning before taking a stupid sponge bath, Little Debbie started barking outside, so I let the rest of our dogs go outside to find out what was going on. To my relief, I saw Tony and our great friend and plumber, Bill, working down by the pump house!

So I immediately celebrated "this exciting event" by turning on the faucets, in our 33 year old, plastic garden tub, because our temporary, self-imposed water restrictions were over and I could take another bath before going to my Blues workshop, at the Kerrville Folk Festival! Life was good—so far.

A little before 9:30, I grabbed my guitar and adios-ed Tony, but before I got out the front door, he made me stop so he could take another picture of me, posing in my latest folk festival/hiker/blues musician poser outfit. Then I adios-ed him again and our dogs and then jumped into Trigger and took off.

After parking Trigger, in their parking lot, across the road from the festival grounds, I carefully walked across Highway 16, carrying my guitar and purse. I hiked down the highway with my gear and it reminded me of when I used to hitchhike back in the early 70's. Even though my hiking boots, my poser outfit and the Martin guitar were just like the old days, I didn't have sweet Boomer, my first great Great Pyrenees, on a leash and a heavy backpack resting on my back. 

When I entered the grounds I started down the path that would take me to the Threadgill Theater and I started thinking about who I could borrow a backpack from for tomorrow's final workshop day. And guess what—I got lost and couldn't find it!

I couldn't believe that once again I had gotten lost and I felt so stupid for getting lost, even though everyone, in my family, has no sense of direction and we have spent our entire lifetimes getting lost. All of my life it has been a huge family joke and now the joke includes Kinky, Ben and Tony. And now Chet O'Keefe is in on the joke too, because after Cindy and I got back from Big Bend, in March, Tony told me that he had secretly asked Chet, in advance, to look out for us, because he didn't want Cindy and me getting lost in Big Bend.

Not wanting to be late for the workshop, I stumbled down two paths. One was a dead end and the other led to a bridge that took you to some kind of chapel, so I decided even though I would look stupid, it was time for me to go ask a friendly folk festival volunteer for directions to the theater. 

When I asked a nice volunteer he smiled at me and probably figured that I was a confused old woman, from the 60's, that was simply stoned, even though I wasn't, because I don't do drugs, because they're illegal and they make me dumber than I already am. Anyway, this kind man pointed the way to the theatre, even though we could not see the theater, because of all of the tents and tall, parked RVs.

I was only one minute late and only Reverend Robert B. Jones watched me go sit down, on a bench, on the second to the last row. And I am blaming getting lost on it being M.I.R. time, because traveling problems always happen during the M.I.R. days.

Today's Blues workshop was so much fun. I learned so much about using a slide and playing guitar in open tuning. And our dear sweet friend Donna Hatch, who gave me Ryan's ticket to this awesome workshop, showed up briefly, so she could take several pictures of us.

When I came back home, I told Tony about getting lost and of course, he laughed and teased me about it, while I turned on my amp and plugged in my guitar. 

"Listen to this, Tony. I've got to show you what I learned today." Tony sat down and then I picked up a pick and started playing some great blues rhythms and riffs, using my slide and Tony could not believe what he was hearing.

"Nance, you sound fantastic. Don't stop playing." I played for him for about ten minutes, then I unplugged and put away my guitar, because my fingers were sore from playing for four full hours.

Well, I've given up on borrowing a backpack for tomorrow, but I already know what I am going to wear to my last Blues workshop. Of course, I'll be wearing my hiking boots, Levi's and another pink bandana and I've chosen to wear my green, Appalachian Trail, long-sleeved t-shirt, because it will make people believe that I am one serious hiker. And I like that.

And that is about it for tonight, because I am going to watch Texas Rising, the new History Channel series, that our good artist friend, Steve Pietzsch recommended that we watch it, because a character playing Big Foot Wallace, Tony's famous, Texas Ranger relative, will be making an appearance, in one of the upcoming episodes. Here's the link that Steve sent to me and you can click on Texas Rising to check out this new series about Texas history. 

P.S. I don't think the show airs tonight, because yesterday I recorded the first two episodes, but I bet they will be running reruns and you can watch it on demand.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Great blog tonight, Nancy!

I'm still laughing about your getting lost at Quiet Valley Ranch!

And David looks forward to a blues concert featuring you as the Better Blues Queen (BB Queen). He was a MAJOR fan of BB King and has been depressed since Mr. King passed away recently. You have given him hope for the future of the blues!

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari! I am still laughing about getting lost, too. I knew that I was near the vicinity of the theater, but because I couldn't see its tall metal roof, I just strolled around waving to all the friendly young people. Hopefully today, one of the great festival volunteers will give me a ride to the Threadgill Theater.

I love your remark about me being B.B. Queen and please tell David that I will gladly give him a concert as soon as I learn to play The Thrill Is Gone like B.B., because it's number one on my bucket list.