Monday, May 25, 2015

Don't Take A Bath Blues!

Today has been great. This morning we got another inch of much needed rain and then lightning hit so close to the trailer that it made our trailer shake, which made our dogs wake up, leap off our bed, like they had just been shot out of a cannon!

A few seconds later Tony walked into the big room and said, "@#*^! I think it hit your writing cabin." Then he opened the front door and looked outside. "It didn't hit your cabin. It's fine..."

Around noon the sun came out and it turned my expression from this  : (  to this  : )  Around 3:00, I called Kinky to see if he had made it back to the ranch okay, because earlier he had gone, to Kerrville, to get more groceries. "Yes. The roads were fine, Nance and...."

After we had adios-ed each other I grabbed my camera and then I jumped into Kermit, so I could go check on the creek crossings for Chet O'Keefe, because this morning he left Terlingua and he and his cool dog, Willie, are on their way back to the ranch. Here are the three pictures that I took. And please notice that the water level has dropped down several inches and you can see more of the dock and that the bridge is totally safe to cross. Meaning that we are no longer land-locked.

When Kermit and I pulled up to the trailer, Tony walks out on the porch and says, "The pump, in the creek, is not working again. It probably is full of debris it collected from the flood and it just needs to get cleaned out. I've already called Bill about it and he told me that he will try to get out here, in the next couple of days, after the creek level goes down."

"How much water is left in the tank?"

"The tank is half full. We've got at least 750 gallons to last us and the dogs outside for several days. We should be fine."

"Darn it, I was fixin' to go wash a load of clothes and I need to take a bath."

"Nance, please don't take a bath and our clothes can wait."

"Okay, this is great. What am I going to do about tomorrow? Because I can't go to my first blues guitar workshop, in the morning, wearing muddy clothes and not having bathed?"

"Take a sponge bath," Tony suggested, before he started laughing which made me laugh out loud, too.

After we had quit laughing about our temporary, self-imposed water restrictions, I laughed again and then said, "Great. I've really got the blues about attending the super cool, blues guitar workshop, because I am sure that I will probably be the oldest person there and the only woman there. And now I'll stink to high heaven and be wearing dirty clothes that have muddy paw prints all over them."

"So what? Don't worry about it. Your new Martin will impress them," Tony teased.

"Right!" I replied. "And I bet you that they'll all be asking each other, "How can that old, smelly, frumpy-looking, woman, wearing muddy clothes afford a Martin?"

And before I could finish what I was fixin' to say to Tony, he cut me off and joked, "They will all think that you stole it!" Then we both started laughing, again.

And that is about it for today, because now I have the "don't take a bath" blues and instead of taking a bath or a shower right now I must go take a stupid sponge bath instead. Because Chet should be arriving, at the ranch, within the next hour or so and I can't wait to show him my new Martin guitar—that I purchased on eBay.

7:30 UPDATE: Chet loves my guitar. He gave us a mini acoustic concert and then he plugged it into my amp and blew us out of our saddles. It was unbelievably awesome. Now I love my guitar even more, because Chet knows how to play it like a pro and make it sing.

Y'all have a great evening!


Fay said...

Glad you're all safe. The weather reports online have been very scary for your neck of the woods xx

cousin nancy said...

Hi Fay! Knock-on-wood, we are all fine and thank you for caring. We have needed this much needed rain for over five years. The lakes and creeks are filling up and everything is green, so when you and Ian come visit us y'all will get to see how beautiful the Texas Hill Country really is. Hugs to you, Ian and your girls, including Ranger and Wee Lassie!