Thursday, June 27, 2013

To Sir With Love!

Today has been great even though it is M.I.R. (Mercury in retrograde) time. This morning Brandon came over to do my morning chores outside, so I could finish writing what is going to be on the back cover of my second novella, because then it will finally be ready for me (Undepressable Press) to publish.

This past Tuesday we took Brandon to Kerrville with us, because he needed to get his driving permit. After we dropped him off at the Department of Public Safety, Tony drove me to Walmart, so I could purchase an iPad Mini.

When we went back to pick up Brandon, I told him, "I love my new iPad Mini and I want to give you my old, first generation iPad, that I would use when we took a trip. Since we don't travel much, as you well know, I've probably put no more than ten hours on it. So basically it is brand new. I'm getting a newer iPad, so I can do Face Time with my family, because it has an HD camera." To say the least, Brandon was thrilled about getting it.

When we got back home, I gave my old iPad to Brandon and then he and I started setting up our iPads and it was pretty funny. First, we called Apple to get tech support on how to remove my personal information from my old iPad. In less than a minute, Brandon had wiped out all of my data and accounts and it was ready to become Brandon's iPad.

When we started setting them up, we discovered that we were at the same point, when it asked us for the password to our wi-fi. "Brandon, our password was set at the factory and it is totally ridiculous. It is filled with capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers. So would you mind reading it out loud, so I can type it in, too?"

"Sure." Then I retrieved the password and gave it to Brandon to read out loud. "Capital C, lowercase b, 4..." Five minutes later, our iPads were up and running.

When Tony walked into the big room he said, "Y'all look like a couple of computer nerds, with smiles on your faces." Then I handed my white iPad Mini, with its pretty pink cover, to Tony, so he could check it out. And the first thing he did was check out the HD camera with video and he was very impressed with it.

"It comes with Siri, too," I said. "But I haven't figured out how to ask her a question." Tony and Brandon started laughing.

"Nancy, you miss pronounced it," Tony said. "It is Siri (Sear-E). Not Sir-E."

"I did not, because Sir is sir." Then they started teasing me about my accent.

"I know how to use Sear-E," Brandon said. Then Brandon pushed Sir-E's button and asked her this question. "How do you pronounce your name?"

"Nancy, my name is Sear-E," Sir-E said. All of us started laughing and then we took turns picking Sir-E's brain.

Several times Sir-E would ask me to repeat something, because she could not understand me, which made Tony and Brandon chuckle. "They need to make these things using different accents," I complained. "You know, like if you're from North Texas—it talks with a North Texas accent and understands what you're saying and you understand what she is saying."

The three of us spent nearly two hours playing around with the iPads, before we took Brandon home, because he could not wait to sync his iPad to his computer and get apps for it.

Wednesday afternoon, when Brandon came over, he could not wait to thank me again, for giving him my old iPad and tell us how much he loves his first generation iPad and about all of the apps that he has already installed.

After I told him about how much I love my new iPad Mini, we tried using Face Time with a friend of mine and it was a lot of fun. "Now I can Face Time my family and friends and feel more connected!"

Late this afternoon I went over to visit with Kinky. While he and I were sitting in rockers, on his front porch, I asked, "Kinky, how would you pronounce the word S,I, R,I?"

Kinky thought about it and said, "I guess, Sir-E? Why? What is it?" Then I explained to him about me miss pronouncing Sear-E, too. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

MIR again, eh? Well that would explain my entire day on Friday. "I" can't even BELIEVE it happened and I was THERE.

Thank you for letting me know that there was a reason for it all.

Now I'll be on the lookout for MORE such 'action' should I boldly venture back to 'civilization' before MIR is OVER!

cousin nancy said...

Because Mercury is retrograde I am going to stay close to home too.