Tuesday, June 18, 2013

She Loved It, Too!

Today has been a quiet day around here, so after doing our morning chores outside, I spent most of my day doing ranch paperwork, returning phone calls and e-mails.

This past Friday while the volunteers were out here, I gave my friend Kris my finished second novella, because she had offered to help edit it for me.

Sunday evening, I received an exciting e-mail from Kris. She wrote:

Just finished reading your novella....I loved it!  Very funny, fast paced, surprising turns. I took out and put in a few commas.... 

Kris' sweet note almost made me tear up, because I was so thrilled that she, like Carol, also loved it. In Kris' e-mail she had offered to deliver it to me Monday morning, because she knew how anxious I was to make her edit corrections and get it published.

I wrote Kris back to thank her and to tell her that she didn't have to deliver it to me, because Tony and I were doing lunch with our friend Beth and we could pick it up after lunch, at Randy & Lisa's Save Inn restaurant.

Monday afternoon we picked up Beth and drove to the Save Inn, to meet her three friends and Sage & Dylan and Kinky. Angie, one of the Save Inn's friendly waitresses, happily put three tables together for all of us to sit at. And to say the least, lunch was really fun.

After lunch, as Beth, Tony and I were walking to Buttermilk, I called Kris and Jim to let them know that we were headed their way. 

Kris greeted me at the front door and invited me inside. After thanking her for helping me edit my book  I had a fun, but very short visit with my friends, because Tony and Beth were waiting for me outside, in the Expedition.

As soon as we had dropped Beth off, we headed home, because I could not wait to start the final edit for my novella, which I finished before eight o'clock last night. And that is why I didn't post anything last night. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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