Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Birthday Party That Never Happened! or Calendar Of Events!

Today has been great, even though it has been uneventful, so I am going to tell you the rest of the story that happened yesterday.

Yesterday, after I had finished writing my early post for last night, I went over to Kinky's. "Kinky, I am so excited about these Made In USA dog treats, I brought a few over to test on The Friedmans."

"Great. Let's see if they like them." Then Kinky reached into the Pawtriotics Dog Treats box and gave one to Winston and Sophie, because Chum-Bum was in Kinky's bedroom sleeping. Sophie and Winston ate the dog treats and seemed to like them. Then they went outside to sit on the porch. After a fun visit with Kinky, I came back home.

Later on, at 4:30, Tony and I jumped into Buttermilk and took off for Kerrville, earlier than we had planned, because I saw on my calendar that Sandy's birthday is today. We left thirty minutes early, so we could stop off at the little H-E-B, on 16, to buy Sandy Wolfmueller a birthday card, a cheap cake and a bouquet of pretty, dead flowers.

When we arrived at the grocery store, I said, "Tony, to save time, please go pick out a funny card, while I get a cake made that says, 'Happy Birthday, Sandy' and find some flowers to get her. Then we'll meet up at the 10 Items of Less checkout stand."

While I was waiting for Sandy's cake to be customized I checked out the pretty flowers. All of them were pretty, but more than I cared to pay. Then I spotted some potted, small, red Roses on sale for only $3.99, so I grabbed the the Roses and returned to the cake-lady to pick up the spur-of-the-moment birthday cake.

When I turned around, Tony walked up and said, "I like this card." I read it quickly and liked it too, because it was funny.

"Okay, let's go check out," I said. "It's nearly 5:15 and we need to get to El Sol de Mexico, before they do!"

As I race-walked to the check out stand, Tony half-hollers, "Don't forget your Poligrip." My heart was pounding as I took off to find my denture adhesive. When I found it, an elderly man and his wife, about my age, were standing in front of the Poligrip boxes, so I took a deep breath, while they decided on which overnight denture cleaner was a bargain. As soon as they had moved, I grabbed a box of Poligrip and then skipped to the checkout counter.

When we climbed into Buttermilk, Tony and I quickly signed Sandy's card and then we took off for our favorite restaurant to meet our dear friends.

With El Sol de Mexico in sight, my heart sank, when I recognized Sandy's SUV parked in the parking lot. "Oh my god, they're already here," I said. "Oh well. We tried."

As we entered the patio, with Tony carrying the cake and me carrying the card and the Roses, we saw Sandy and Jon drinking refreshments. "Okay, we're busted," I confessed, followed by a laugh. "Happy Early Birthday, Sandy!"

Sandy turned around to see who I was talking to and then she looked at us, smiled and said, "It's not my birthday."

"I know," I said, as Tony handed Jon the one-layer-cake and I handed the Roses and the card to Sandy. "Tomorrow is, so we wanted to surprise you and be the first to celebrate it with y'all."

"Tomorrow's not my birthday either," Sandy chuckled. "But thank you, for the cake, the pretty Roses and the card. This was so nice of y'all to do this. Why did you think it was my birthday?"

"Because I have it written down on my calendar of events," I said, followed by a laugh. "I guess it is some other Sandy's birthday." Then Tony and I told them about us purposefully leaving early, so we could pick out a cake, a card and Roses and all of us had a good laugh about it, before we entered the restaurant. "You could freeze the cake and pull it out to thaw, in February," I teased, as the friendly waiter seated us.

Needless to say, "We had a super fun time with our friends, at the birthday party that never happened. The Mexican food was delicious as always and our dinner was filled with non-stop laughter. And before I finish writing this, I want to wish Sandy Whoever-You-Are a Happy Birthday today!"

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, I'm still laughing at the resemblance of Sandy's NOT Birthday to the scene in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" where the song sung is "A very merry un-birthday to you!"

Please let us all know the next time you and Tony plan to celebrate Sandy's UN-birthday so we can all gather to sing the "un-birthday" song to her!

cousin nancy said...

Laugh out loud, Mari. We are still laughing about it. Sandy's birthday is in February, so maybe we can do a September surprise birthday party for Sandy.

An un-birthday party for Sandy with you and The NoMads would be a total blast! Tony could be the official photographer and Brandon and me could play the un-birthday song on our banjos and guitars.

I can't wait for Sandy's un-birthday, in September! See y'all there.