Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chigger Proof!

Today has been great. This morning when we went outside to do our morning chores I decided to tuck my jeans inside my boots, to help keep the chiggers off of me, because for the past five days I've gotten several chigger bites on my legs, because of the tall, wet grass outside.

When Tony saw me walk up with my boots tucked in he smiled and chuckled. "I like your new look. Are you a goat-roper now or still a cowgirl?"

"A cowgirl. A poser cowgirl." Then I told him why I had tucked my jeans inside my pink, Justin Gypsy boots.

I spent most of my day doing paperwork and I am glad that I am completely caught up, until tomorrow or Friday when the mail comes in.

When I finished my rescue ranch paperwork I did some more paperwork editing my second novella, before I give it to my friend, Kris Bobbitt, to edit some more. And I want to thank her in advance for offering to help me.

This evening Tony came inside and teased me about my jeans still being tucked into my boots. "I've been so busy today I forgot to pull them out,"I said. Then I asked Tony to take a picture of my new chigger-proof look with Roy putting his foot down.

And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!


Mari of the NoMads said...

Nancy, there is sulfur if you can stand to use it. See more natural stuff for chiggers at:

You can also just put 'sulfur for chiggers' in your search engine and find all kinds of things to use!

I'm not sure I like the part that says chiggers like wrinkled skin. At our age, that makes us 'a target rich environment' for chiggers! Yikes!

But none of the above is to say I don't like your new 'buckaroo' look! I can say that I definitely like it better than the smell of sulfur! LOL

cousin nancy said...

Hi Mari. I cannot stand the smell of sulphur, so I will check out Dr. Dirt's site on chiggers even though you have pre-warned me that we are target rich environments for chiggers, because of all of our wrinkles.

I think us old folks, with our many wrinkles, should take a stand against chiggers by tucking our jeans inside our boots and wearing bandanas tied around our necks, to help fake them out. And if that doesn't work—never go outside again.