Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Seven Miles of Chocolate!

Today has been great. This morning after Tony and I did our chores outside, I called our dear friend, Ben Welch, to invite him and Will to come over for another fun visit, before they returned to Austin. "That sounds great, Nancy," Ben said. "I was planning to come over anyway, because I also have another brick of Miles of Chocolate to give to you and Tony, in case y'all want to give some to the volunteers..."

Around noon, as I was just starting to cook lunch, Ben walked inside the trailer, carrying another big brick of Miles of Chocolate. "Thank you, Ben," I said, as he put it into the freezer. Then I told him about me craving a milkshake yesterday and then using a piece of Miles of Chocolate, strawberries, milk and vanilla ice cream to make two delicious milkshakes and he laughed.

"Nancy, I've been telling you and Tony about using Miles of Chocolate milkshakes with fruit for years."

"I guess I forgot. Anyway, we loved it."

"Next time try using bananas instead of strawberries," Ben suggested. "Y'all will love it too." Then the three of us had a fun visit inside The Cabin.

Before Ben left to go back over to Kinky's, Tony and I took him to see Tony's beautiful garden and he was very impressed with it. So, before he drove away, we gave Ben some of Tony's ripe tomatoes and yellow squash.

Late this afternoon, Tony and I fixed Miles of Chocolate with strawberries, milk and ice cream milkshakes for Brandon, Karen, Sophia and Haley, to try, after they had painted two doghouses for us.
And they thought they were absolutely delicious too.

So now, before I go cut up another seven Miles of Chocolate and vacuum seal them, I am thinking about having a Friday Social for our friends/volunteers, in The Okay Corral, when they come out to walk our dogs on Friday. Because they are always craving Miles of Chocolate. I know when we serve them the delicious Miles of Chocolate with banana and or strawberry milkshakes, we will then surprise them and give them each a mile of chocolate to take back home with them.

I took this picture of a brick of Miles of Chocolate, so you can see how big a small brick actually is. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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