Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Oregoneers! or Seven Miles Of Chocolate!

Yesterday and today have been great. Yesterday morning our super friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs for us. Our dear friends Kris & Jim Bobbitt brought Kris' sister Karen and her husband Mitch, who were visiting them from Oregon, because Tony and I could not wait to meet them.

Like Tony and me, our great volunteer friends instantly liked Karen and Mitch and the dogs that Karen and Mitch walked loved taking walks with the Oregoneers.

After all of the dogs had been walked and had enjoyed a swim, we jumped in our cars and trucks and took off for Koyote Ranch's Koyote Grill to eat lunch.

When we arrived at Koyote Grill, Carol had just arrived, because she wanted to visit with the friends/volunteers and to also meet Karen and Mitch.

Our table of ten was filled with non-stop laughter and hilarious tales and Karen, who has read my first novella was thrilled to meet Carol, the better half of our Cowgirl Sisterhood. "Carol's not really a retired astronaut," I joked to Karen. Then Carol and Kris and I had a good laugh amongst ourselves discussing my second novella, because Kris had just edited my second novella for me, that I let Carol read in advance. To say the least, "I had a blast at lunch and I love these volunteers who I count as dear friends."

After lunch Tony and I went to the big H-E-B, in Kerrville, to buy more groceries, because our dear friends Ben Welch and Will Wallace were coming to visit Kinky and us for the weekend.

When we got back home I pulled out a present that I had secretly bought for Tony, at H-E-B. "Thanks, Nance, but what is it?" Tony asked, after I gave it to him.

"It's an onion grill brush. Jim told me that he bought one to clean his grill. And he loves his and I bought you a big sweet yellow onion, too..."

Last night Will, Ben and Carol came over for a happy hour and it was a lot of fun.

Early this evening, after taking a thirty minute nap with Roy and Mama, I woke up wanting a milkshake and by the time I made it into the kitchen I had decided to make a milkshake for Tony and me using Vanilla ice cream, strawberries, milk and a chunk of Miles of Chocolate, because Ben had brought Tony and me a brick of his and Miles famous Miles of Chocolate. 

After adding the four ingredients into Jaws, I took this picture before blending it.

Then Tony poured our milkshakes. The Miles of Chocolate brick is right behind the shakes.

Our milkshakes were the best milkshakes that we have ever had. In other words, "Absolutely delicious!  After we finished drinking our tasty shakes, I decided to cut up the Miles of Chocolate brick and freeze individual packages, so we could eat or drink just a little at a time. I took this pictures of the first vacuum sealed Miles of Chocolate.

And in no time flat, I had seven Miles of Chocolate vacuum sealed packages to put into our freezer!

Then I sat down and wrote this. And that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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