Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Early Birthday, Sandy!

Today has been great and fun. This morning when Tony came home to eat breakfast, Brandon was with him. As I served them breakfast, Brandon showed me the graduation gift that he had received yesterday and he was real proud of it and said, "You're going to love it, Nancy."

I looked at it and thought it was a heavy-duty paper stapler, "That's a great stapler you got, Brandon. I use ours all of the time." Tony and Brandon started laughing.

"Look a little closer," Brandon suggested. So, I did and it still looked like a black stapler to me. "It's a pick maker," Brandon explained. "Now I can make all of my own picks for my guitars and banjo.

"Wow," I said. "That is really cool."

After Tony and Brandon had finished doing the morning chores outside Tony came back inside, to cool off for a few minutes. About ten minutes later, while I was working on the second novella's dedication, Tony came into the kitchen and said, "Look at the picks that I just made using an old credit card."

I looked and then took a pick from him, grabbed Dale by the neck, so I could try it out on my banjo. Needless to say, I loved it.

This afternoon after Brandon, Tony and I ate lunch, I was washing the dishes, while Brandon played Dale. "I like your pick maker," I commented.

After Brandon had finished playing a tune he looked up and said, "I already have a stack of ticks"

"A stack of ticks?" I asked. "What?" Brandon started to chuckle.

"No, Miss Nancy. What I said was I have a stack of picks, that I've already made." Then we both started laughing, because I am hard of hearing and I don't always hear things correctly. It's a big joke between Tony, Kinky, Brandon and myself, because Tony, Kinky and me are all hard of hearing.

When the kitchen was cleaned up I grabbed a box of new "PAWTRIOTIC" Apple Pie Recipe dog treats, Made in the USA, that I purchased from H-E-B and I showed them to Tony and Brandon. "It says they are all natural ingredients made with: Rye Flour, Apple Puree, Pumpkin Puree, Non-GMO, Canola Oil, Whole Eggs, Molasses, Cinnamon and Ginger. And they contain no: Wheat, Corn, Preservatives, Soy, Sugar and Salt. Using Human Grade, American Grown Ingredients. No Chemicals or Animal By-Products."

Like me, they were impressed with the healthy dog treats, so we opened up the box to see if our dogs would like them. After a fun dog treat taste test our dogs were more than impressed with the treats and they begged for more. "No Nancy," Tony said. "That's enough for now. I am trying to get some weight off of our fat dogs."

"Okay," I said. Five minutes later, when Tony went outside to get something, Brandon and I secretly gave our dogs one more treat. Then Brandon started pickin' and grinnin' on Dale, so I took this picture of him. (That's Belle and Roy, on the floor, enjoying Brandon's music.) Then he went back to work outside.

I have scheduled this to post tonight at 6:00, because it is now 2:30. I am going to go take a short nap with our fat dogs. Because tonight we are meeting Sandy & Jon at El Sol de Mexico, in Kerrville, to celebrate Sandy's birthday, which is tomorrow. Then we are swinging by H-E-B before coming home, so I can purchase some Polygrip Denture Adhesive, because I am nearly out.

I am worried about maybe not be able to eat a big meal tonight, because for lunch I made Cousin Nancy's Taco Salad for us and I ate too much of it and so did Tony and Brandon. I hope that I will be hungry enough by 5:30 to eat their #26, because I love that restaurant's Mexican food and good vibes. "Happy Early Birthday, Sandy!"

Y'all have a great evening!

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