Friday, March 8, 2013


Today has been great. Around 7:30 this morning, when I tried to check my e-mail, the Internet was down and so were our phone lines. I was not a happy camper. I wanted to go to FedEX to track our new Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper that I had ordered on Tuesday, because I am so excited about getting it.

The other day our friend had purchased one and absolutely loved it and gave it such rave reviews, so I purchased one, instead of us having to buy a new mattress. Yesterday afternoon when I tracked it, it estimated the delivery time for today or Monday. In hopes that it would be here sooner than later, Tone and I spent thirty minutes yesterday getting our bed-ready and waiting.

Since our cedar bed, that Tony made for us when we got married, sits high off of the ground we realized that adding the three inch blue mattress topper would make it more difficult or impossible for me and our dogs to get on it. So, we removed the boxed springs from it. Then we carried it outside to the barn. Then Tony cut two sheets of thick plywood to fit the frame and fastened them on top of the bed slats.

When we put our mattress back on the bed, to make sure it wasn't too low—I loved the new lower height and was thrilled about it. After I put the linens back on it I half-hollered for our dogs and invited them to jump up on our new low-rider bed. But, before they gave it their bed test approval, they walked around it as if they were trying to figure out why it was ten inches shorter.

Roy jumped up on it first, followed by Mama, Belle, Abbie, Beau and me. And all of us loved our new bed so much, we decided to take a short nap. Twenty minutes later, when Tony walked into our bedroom and saw us snuggled up together he laughed and said, "That new mattress topper will be so good for Mama's arthritis and my back. I can't wait until it gets here..."

This morning our great friends/volunteers came out this morning to walk our dogs for us. Then we went to Koyote Ranch to eat lunch with them. Tony and I had a blast eating lunch with Jim, Ruth, June, Carol and The Mineral Man, because all we did was laugh and tease each other. 

Before our lunch was over, Ruth had all of us sign two copies of my new novella, that she had just purchased from me earlier. Then Ruth said, "I want to take a picture of The Cowgirl Sisterhood, so Carol and I posed and she shot us.

When we came back home—the phones were still dead and I was disappointed, because it was driving me crazy wondering if our Novaform Gel Memory Foam Topper would arrive today or that we would have to wait until Monday to get it. 

After checking the phone once more to see if it was working, which it wasn't, I drove over to the Lodge to visit Kinky. When I saw that his truck, Mr. Green Jeans, wasn't there I came back home and as I was getting out of Trigger—I saw Kinky driving in.

We talked about the phones, the weather and about our great friends/volunteers coming out and how much our dogs had enjoyed it. 

Ten minutes after Kinky went home, at 2:23, Tony walks into the big room and tells me the phone lines are fixed. So, I immediately picked up the phone and called Kinky and like me, he was thrilled. As soon as I got off of the phone with him I tracked our mattress and it said that it was going to be delivered today!

As I finish typing this we are still waiting on Topper to arrive. It is 4:42 and the dogs just started barking outside. "Welcome home, Topper!

Y'all have a great evening!

P.S. 7:00 Update:  We love Topper, but not as much as Roy does. He's been sleeping on our bed for the past two hours and will not get off of it. Here's Roy resting on Topper, while Belle rests on Abbie, underneath our kitchen table.

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