Friday, March 22, 2013

Koyote Kafe!

Today has been great. This morning our friends/volunteers came out to walk our dogs for us. Jim and his sweet sister-in-law, Ruth, arrived first. Then Jim & Kris arrived and a few minutes later Eileen and her friend Suzanne arrived, right before June and Ellen pulled in.

When all of the dogs were walked, all of us went up to Koyote Ranch to eat lunch together and Tony and I had a blast visiting with them.

When we got back home I went over to Kinky's Lodge to meet his friend James Walsh. After I had a short visit with them James came over to the rescue ranch, because he was anxious to see it.

Tone and I gave him the grand tour. First we went into The Okay Corral, where we showed him Tony's No Whiner Diner, then we went into The Bunkhouse, which is my pink writing cabin. Then we went into Outer Space, The Cabin and then we went and introduced him to all of our rescue ranch dogs. To say the least, "He loved everything, especially our dogs."

Around 6:00, we met Kinky and Kent Perkins, at Koyote Ranch, because our friend wanted to treat all of us to dinner, so we could catch up with each others news. The Koyote Kafe was packed with bikers, because it is one of the Harley Davidson owners favorite place to stay when visiting the Texas Hill Country.

We ate their famous Catfish Buffet and all of us thought it was delicious. Kent and I decided to have their blackberry cobbler for dessert and it was delicious, too.

We got home a few minutes ago and tonight I plan to write, so that is about it for tonight.

Y'all have a great evening!

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